Monday, November 06, 2006

Hell is not empty

Pope proclaims the truth.

One can never presume on the mercy of God, as we have been doing for over forty years.

The seamless garment

Just keeps on stretching. Superb comment.

Does everything have its price?

Ordination in the Old Rite in Linz.

But the same Diocese of which the Bishop is Bishop promotes condoms to young people.

Did no-one tell them?


Goodyear is a tyre.

Advertising to youth at the Cardinal Danneels Evangelisation Extravaganza.

The openess to the world that the Church has preached for the last forty years, ironically means that the Church has no distinct identity in its advertising appeal. One message amongst others and a confusing one at that when such mistakes are made.

Epitaph for Annibale Bugnini


Sleep silently, blind uncles, who when young
Spat your mother's milk and lopped her tongue
Who, having filled her house with sweat and noise
Squeezed to death your nephews' infant joys.
For you, graved childless, live nightmares make
Enduring night. Come morning, we shall wake.

This man even wanted to mutilate the Rosary.

"In 1972 Father Annibale Bugnini proposed to change the Rosary. “Paul VI responded to this ridiculous proposal… ‘The faithful would conclude that the Pope has changed the Rosary, and the psychological effect would be disastrous… Any change in it cannot but lessen the confidence of the simple and the poor.” Not happy with this answer Bugnini tried again in 1973. This time Paul VI admonished him saying: “The Rosary is to remain single in form and unchanged from what it is now. Let any new forms of Marian devotion take their place alongside the Rosary.”

Sadly, the reasoning Pope Paul gives are pragmatic rather than intrinsic to the nature of the Holy Rosary.

Modern Church endangers life of young


Setting this as an example to young people on the front cover of the Don Bosco journal for Flanders in Belgium.

It is recorded that St John Bosco was an expert tightrope walker and indeed I remember that this is the subject of one of his dreams.

Quite an achievement for the modern sons of Don Bosco to endanger both the body and the soul.

What is it? I,II and III

All the posts on the "cross" preached by Cardinal Danneels.

A symbol of the Church's weakness is the modern fashion for talking about the Pilgrim Church. Weak but on the way instead of established in the hearts of humankind. St Paul of the Cross believed that excessive frequenting of pilgrimages did spiritual harm! They need a specific spiritual goal in any case. One is unsure where the modern Church is heading and this is unfortunately a question of leadership.

This is a modern pilgrim, in an image used in the Cardinal Danneels Evangelisation Extravaganza.

For comparison, St James

Scary Sister!


Dominican Nuns do Halloween!

What has this to do with St Dominic? He is shown here with the Augustinian Rule followed by the Dominicans.

Thankyou to Sharon for the tip.