Saturday, October 28, 2006

Guess which religious order!


And I have only just spotted the Cross. But you can't miss the Extraordinary Minister

Yes, no surprises, its the Jesuits.

This one would look different from the late George Best if he could be bothered to wear clericals.

Here is a Jesuit celebration at a micro-altar, year and location undetermined.

Coming down to the level of the people, instead of raising them up to God.

I believe therefore in God, not in the devil.


writes the Parish Priest of St Conrad's Church, Linz, Austria in his latest parish magazine. That explains why your magazine has a picture of the devil on the front cover and an article has a skull as a watermark.

They have just had a new window installed as part of their Better Late than Never attempt to bring the building into line with the directives of Vatican II.

Looks like a descent into hell to me. Well, Adolph Hitler passed very near to the site of the Church when walking to school.

They also have a Football Pitch Mass. It says in the magazine it was celebrated by twenty-five young people and the female pastoral assistant and they add the priest.

Our Lady Help of Christians

becomes mosque.