Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First Latin Rite ordinations

in over forty years in the Diocese of Linz. The two ordinands are from the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter. In the Diocesan yearbook, they only have two other ordinations this year - but not to forget the notorious Golatz. Conveniently, he has been forgotten or perhaps he was ordained too late for publication. No less than fifteen priests died this year in the Diocese.

Vacancies have been filled by deacons and pastoral assistants, among them stealth priestesses.

Perhaps the Bishop knows which way the wind is blowing in Rome. But the Latin Rite should not depend on a liberal Bishop who permits almost anything. A few years ago, only enormous protest prevented the Diocese giving their annual prize for "justice" to a homosexual group.

Be a missionary today


Don't forget the table cloth and the plastic bags! The missionaries used to spend their lifetime raising up the people from their poverty, building magnificent Churches. The missionaries themselves are now reduced to this, the image of ineffectiveness either in the temporal or the spiritual realms.

Jobs for the prayers

Double meaning in the Diocesan newspaper in Linz. Vorbeter are those who say the bidding prayers. The headline could mean "Jobs for the prayers" or in the article it means work places (fully equiped with the latest technology!).

It picks up on a degree of resentment that has built it between the priesthood and the self-appointing pseudo-clerical elite, especially in the form of pastoral assistants who now are in power in parishes.

Meet Father Anand Mathew

He runs a street theatre in Bombay. Here one can see the results of some of his efforts.

The problem is that this is not being done for the Catholic Faith but as he himself says

"We must win the next generation for dialogue".

One Ajay Thapa is the star of the group. He is a Rap Dancer.

Fr Mathew styles himself peace activist, priest and theatrical entertainer. When he is not involved with any of these roles, he spends the rest of the time organising protests against Coca-Cola. He is a member of the Indian Missionary Society (not to be confused with the anglican body allied to the "Church of South India".

This is the theology of the Jesuits in India which includes a reference to the work of the IMS.

See "Lord, I am here! What do you want me to do? Send me anywhere you like - even to India."

Need a beauty treatment?


Check into the Cistercian Abbey of Marienkron in Austria.

Even listed in Saunas of Austria!

British Airways doesn't want Catholic staff

Sign the petition here.