Friday, October 06, 2006

Heresy top alert!

A new protestant deformation of the Bible text. Bible in just language. There are now female pharisees and needlees to say female apostles. They claim that the New Testament is a piece of Jewish scripture. This is the flip side of the coin from those who wish to discount the Old Testament as non-Christian (as some Nazis claimed). Sadly, this is the German middle class trying and failing to come to terms with their own very tragic history.

The authoritative text of the Bible is the Vulgate. The best English translation is the Douay-Rheims. Avoid all modern translations- they are misleading, Catholic and protestant alike.

St Teresa


whose heart was pierced through for the love of Christ and his Church. Her Feast Day is coming up on 15th October. A Novena in her honour.

When it all went wrong


Card handed out at catechism class in Belgium in the 1960s (possibly 50s) showing Last Supper or possibly a sentimentalised version of the Mass.

Going, going, gone

Diocese auctions chancery.