Monday, October 02, 2006

Minor seminary in Roeselaar, Belgium

Contemporary students in an institution originally founded to encourage early vocations to the priesthood. In the 19th century, the emphasis changed towards humanistic studies but now one can see the resultant fun and games here.

Stealth priestess- RED ALERT

A new pastoral assistant has been inducted into the notoroious parish of St Francis, Wels, Austria.

Rainbow colours were the order of the day.
Indeed, it was a real love-in.

The ceremony took place under the sign of the twig.

The view towards the congregation.

In fact, the new pastoral assistant could be called an inside-out-priestess, wearing liturgical colours under a strange white garment.

Ribbons of every colour in a strange ritual around an extinguished candle - even the Mayor was there.

One could have mistaken the whole activity as a meeting of a sect.

Especially when the Church's deacon took to threatening those foolish enough to attend with a big twig.

Amazing that there was no Spanish dancing. See earlier report on Liturgical Chaos. Report soon on how the new Bishop tried to buy off criticism by ordaining a priest in the Latin Rite.

See also Extreme Liturgical Abuse

The Pilgrim Child


Grows in the womb. Undoubtedly human, the whole way.

I believe I can fly

Podium discussion on modern Catholic youth work in Austria.

That's about the only belief that gets taught, it seems.

How Blessed Pius IX is treated by the modern world

- in an antique shop - sold by nuns.

Thank you to the sharp eyed reader who pointed that the bust is not of Pope St Pius X, given the coat of arms on the stole.