Monday, September 11, 2006

The family that prays together, stays together

One of an enormous collection of Catholic holy cards I purchased yesterday.

Just had the pleasure today of seeing on German TV a Franciscan respond to a protestant minister who accused the Pope of conducting too Catholic an occasion during his pilgrimage to the Marian shrine of Altötting in Bavaria. He said that he had bent over backwards for the protestants, visting schools and "churches" but they were divided, their services cold and you could believe anything and nothing. Apart from that they were good people. When protestants convert and pray in the Catholic sense, they will find the unity they crave.

I am visiting the Pope's birthplace of Marktl next week that has now given rise to a new word in German, vermarktlung (vermarktung =marketing) given the commercial exploitation of all things Papal. See earlier post on this issue. Let's see if the Pope's visit changes anything.

The Pope will arrive in about an hour in Marktl. Overnight, two pots of blue paint were thrown against the Pope's childhood home, but the Bavarians have worked at top speed to remove any effects.

Our Lady, Patroness of Bavaria, pray for us!

Our Lord lives in a teepee tabernacle


In St Joseph's Church, Montana. It is an obscure reference also to the tent of the presence which was the travelling tabernacle used by the Jewish people prior to the construction of the Temple.

But at St. Joseph's Catholic Church on John d'Or Prairie, Alberta, Canada, the Sisters of St Cretienne had a whole church built as a teepee, thinking this would impress the locals. This is yet another failed attempt at interculturation, building respect but no conversions. There used to be 16 sisters working in the area in the not too distant past, there are now 2.

And two more examples at an unidentified parish somewhere out West!

First the Church is discoved playing cowboys and then at being Indians. I know St Paul suggested being all things to all men but this is taking matters a bit too far.

As well as my previous report, pictures from two Cow-herders Masses in Brazil.