Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roman Miscellany

written by an English Catholic Priest who attended Exeter College, Oxford, like myself. St Ralph Sherwin, proto-martyr of the Venerable English and Welsh College in Rome was a fellow of the College.

St Edmund Campion was martyred with St Ralph Sherwin

An Anglican minister came forward and asked St Edmund to pray with him, but he said: "You and I are not one in religion, wherefore I pray you, content yourself. I bar none of prayer, only I desire them that are of the household of the Faith to pray with me, and in my agony to say one Creed." He then proceeded to pray the Nicene Creed in Latin.

As the cart was drawn away, Campion uttered his last words: "I die a perfect Catholic." Here is his Challenge to the Privy Council of England.

The Anglicans have brought to an end the last vestiges of the claims of Exeter College over the centuries to be the most conservative, if not also most Catholic, colleges in Oxford by appointing a vicaress as college chaplain. No good will come of it, not that much good has ever come from the Church of England.

The Chapel of Exeter was based on Ste Chapelle in Paris (which contained the Holy Crown of Thorns before the French Revolution). The Church of England can copy all she likes (buildings, books, ritual, vestments), but they do not save souls.