Monday, June 12, 2006

Mass has become a picnic

for two many priests in the US. That's the priest's Church behind. He clearly has little use for it.

American flag in evidence but no Cross. The Americanist Heresy writ large.

Fillipino Festival 2003, Milton Keynes, UK


In quick succession those unfortunate enough to attend this sad affairs experienced.

"The Cheeky Girls"

Mass "celebrated" by Father Claro
The Mrs Fillipine 2003 Competition which was then swiftly followed by the "Miss Gay Fillipine 2003 Competition". I have some pictures of that event, but they are not for publication here.

This is where openess to the world has taken the Church. The general idea is that the world should conform to the Church, not the other way around, as so conspicuously happened here. People had a Catholic experience which they probably used to excuse themselves from attending Mass on the next Sunday. Posted by Picasa