Monday, May 22, 2006

Meet Joke, the Media "priestess"

assisting at several of her Masses, regularly broadcast on Dutch TV.
She is not a priest, of course, but a pastoral worker. However, to finesse the idea that she could be a priest, she dresses like the real priest and both are called "Media pastors".
Her diocese is the Diocese of Breda. This would be known in marketing as passing-off; pretending that you were a branded product when you are nothing of the sort.
[149.] More recently, in some dioceses long since evangelized, members of Christ’s lay faithful have been appointed as “pastoral assistants”, and among them many have undoubtedly served the good of the Church by providing assistance to the Bishop, Priests and Deacons in the carrying out of their pastoral activity. Let care be taken, however, lest the delineation of this function be assimilated too closely to the form of pastoral ministry that belongs to clerics. That is to say, attention should be paid to ensuring that “pastoral assistants” do not take upon themselves what is proper to the ministry of the sacred ministers.
[153.] Furthermore, it is never licit for laypersons to assume the role or the vesture of a Priest or a Deacon or other clothing similar to such vesture.
Thankyou to various correspondents on for pointing this out.
Ironically, her Christian name is "Joke", but this is not a "joke". She is the mother of two children.

Both her and the priest were appointed personally to the media pastorate by none other than Cardinal Simonis in 1993. It is a long-standing and rather boring double act which some might say has rather unpleasant connotations, especially given the mimicry in dress.

Not longer a stealth priestess. This one has broken radar cover and is all over Dutch TV. Distant from Rome, two neo-Catholic churches are being formed, one conservative, one liberal.

And more liturgical decadence also broadcast on Dutch TV.