Sunday, May 07, 2006

Father Victor Koch CP

The True Story of a Passionist Hero.

That so great a labour, should not be in vain.

No longer a "stealth" priestess

but more like a B-52 bomber of a priestess. Once she has finished her work, there won't be any Catholic faith left, only devastation and ruins.

Lay directors of parishes

"It's not a solution to the problem. A parish life coordinator is not a priest, they cannot say Mass,' Gautier said. 'But it does help relieve the pressure. It does keep parishes from closing."

The problem is that not all lay directors will agree with him; all too often they are used as an engine for a modernising agenda. Some of the more radical writings in German look forward to a priestless Church. Its all about power!

Lackawanna Catholic Church closes

Enough money for a social club but not enough to maintain a low-maitenance building.

Unite and protest

in order to survive.

Our Lady of Montligeon

pray for us!

Mass of Fools

recorded last year in an Abbey shown on Belgian TV last night. They kid themselves that in the past, such parodies of the Mass were performed with ecclesiastical permission.

Franciscan nuns in Austria.

order a new altar and get a boat delivered instead.

After "Pimp my Church"

the promotion used by becomes even more offensive. Perhaps they don't understand English but the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna who actively supports this outfit certainly does.

Oldest Convent in England

now hosts corporate events.

Missionaries no more

Catholic religious take up pagan meditation.

"A Vipassana course was conducted from Nov 12 - 23, 1998 at the Pune centre for about 40 Christian priests and nuns. Most of them were from the National Vocational Service Centre (NVSC), but there were also a few sisters from the Convent of Jesus and Mary (CJM) order."