Monday, April 03, 2006

Lent in LInz, Austria

and the Bishop instead of preaching penitence commissions his first two environmental advisors.

To show the Austrian Dioceses are no longer is interested in souls; their Lent activity is called Car Fast- Autofasten. It even has a liturgical element. Save the planet by all means but don't forget your soul in the process.

Taken leave of his senses

Archbishop of Salzburg for Turkish entry to the EU. If God forbid this happens, the Turks have a guaranteed freedom of movement into Austria. How many Churches will they demand to turn into mosques?

Catholics can comfort themselves that all of the Archbishop's predecessors would disagree with him as does his own Auxillary Bishop Launer, who also is a highly vocal pro-life campaigner.

Cathcon is back. The Parish Church in Pichl bei Wels hosting a modern art exhibition EarthPlace. In the past, Catholic Churches were God's dwelling place on earth. But what is the past to these people?