Saturday, March 18, 2006

New alien image due in Brussels Cathedral


Over the next few months a series of art exhibitions will take place in the Cathedral Church of St Gudule in Brussels. The first from February to April is by the most famous Belgian artist, Gustave Machoul whose "faith slips over his works like a creative source" which are "to be discovered like a gift of humanity". Judge for yourself- one of the pictures to be exhibited "Painted in the Faith".

But on the 24 April until June, alien images return with the works of the Romanian artist, Mircea Marosin. Outrageously, he claims this picture to be a painting of Our Lord. The exhibition is called "States of Life"- not I think human life.

A Canadian Jesuit, James Leblond takes over in June with his exhibition "Mysteries". They claim, "Every stroke of the brush is a momentum in the process of incarnation". Not only is this blasphemous but it is a complete mystery what the painting is meant to represent.

Not one of these exhibitions builds up the Catholic Faith; they are rather more likely to destroy the most precious gift that anyone can possess. A gift from God not from humanity.

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Cardinal Mahony online chat

with Cathcon!

"Name: Chris Gillibrand
Question: 'What do you think about having more Latin Masses? Why are there so many restrictions on Latin Masses -- a Rite that was used for centuries?'"

Predictions about the answer anyone?

Church to be sold for 4m

"The historic Jesuit Church of the Sacred Heart in Limerick, which is one of only three remaining Jesuit churches in Ireland".

Only three! What have the Jesuits been doing for the last forty years? You'll here all the usual excuses, especially society is changing, it's inevitable, we can't do anything about it. The fault lies closer to home; Jesuits diverted into trendy social causes, and forgetting their past life as the greatest Catholic army in the fight for the salvation of souls.

Bishop says sorry

over diocese's £10m debt.

"....the diocese's central administration had been 'eating up' money belonging to parishes and trust funds without permission."

"Much of the money was spent on ambitious projects such as an inter-faith centre in Preston and on staff salaries."

What is the point of living a simple lifestyle if you go and blow the money and more on the failed ideology of inter-religious dialoque?

Lancashire was once the last bastion of Catholicism in England. As a Lancastrian and a Catholic, this makes me really very made.

See also the Bishop's message. He actually believed one of the (if not the) smallest Diocese in the UK to be asset rich.

Much more on the whole sorry tale.

Preston Faith Forum- chronicles of futile effort.

At least this episcopal apology is something that should be apologised for.