Friday, March 17, 2006

Translation of the relics of Pope St Pius X to Rome from Venice.


The relics were accompanied on the journey by those of St John Bosco.

Pope John XXIII preaching in St Mark's Basilica in Venice at the start of the translation.

Pope John XXIII with the relics of the good and holy exemplary Pope St Pius X. He is accompanied by Msgr Loris Capovilla, now Prelate Emeritus of Loreto and
Titular Archbishop of Mesembria. He reported that Pope John XXIII's last words were "My time on earth has drawn to an end, but Christ lives and the Church continues its work in time and space. Ut unum sint [that they may be one—Jesus' prayer for his disciples, quoted in John 17:21]."

18-25 January 1944 Belgian Leaflet for the International Prayer Week for the reunion of all separated Christians and all non-Christians in the one true Fold of Christ, the Catholic Church.
Prayer intentions
18 January Conversion
19 January Return of the Orthodox
20 January Return of the Anglicans
21 January Return of Lutherans and assorted protestants
22 January All Christians in America
23 January Repentance of bad Catholics and the return of the lapsed
24 January Conversion of Jews and Muslims
25 January Conversion of all pagans

Pastoral funds

A few sundays ago I stumbled across an appeal for funds in a Church. The Church in Belgium is now paying the pseudo-clericalised elite that run it.

"Notre Eglise Evolue. De plus en plus nombreuses sont ces personnes qui notre Eveque confie une tache pastorale, aussi
bien dans les paroisses que dans des secteurs comme la catechese, l'animation des jeunes ou les visiteurs de malades, de prisons, ...
Our Church is evolving. More and more people have been given a pastoral task by our bishop; not only in the parishes as well as in areas such as catechesis, youth work or visiting the sick, prisoners...

Certains de ces animateurs pastoraux sont benevoles, d'autres doivent etre remuneres, mais tous doivent etre formes. C'est pour couvrir ces frais, qu'est constitue le fonds pour les animateurs pastoraux, et donc la collecte de ces 7 & 8 fevrier."
Some of the pastoral workers are voluntary, others must be paid, but all must be educated. It is to cover these costs that make up the funds for the pastoral workers that a collection will be made....

"That they should have life and have it in abundance".

Archdiocese Says Churches and Schools Face Closing - New York Times

Mr. Zwilling, the spokesman for the New York archdiocese, emphasized that nothing has been made final yet.

"It's still a process and it's still somewhat fluid, but people are interested in knowing where we stand at this point."

So the usual appalling standards of openess and consultation.