Monday, March 06, 2006

Welcome to Fatima Radio

Pray the Rosary with people throughout the world.

When your Bishop trys to close down your parish

remind him of Bishop Wenski

"Destroying religious sites is especially reprehensible as it seeks to damage the core of peoples' culture, belief and community."

Getting past St Peter's Gate

- not so sure that I would want to justify myself to St Peter with a cv like this.

"Fr. Antony Gatt is a master at translating theory into the qualities of Catholic leadership within communities and society. He does so from a vantage point that draws on the deep theological and spiritual richness of the Catholic tradition, while incorporating a wealth of spiritual insights that dwell in other religious traditions. He has expertise in Western and Eastern scholarship; interdisciplinary research and accreditation; and, educational experience in multi-ethnic, cultural and religious settings, having celebrated his priestly and pastoral ministry in England, Malta, Cameroon, India, and the USA.

Fr. Antony holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University, where he also earned Master of Arts with a concentration in Psychology and Counseling. His earlier philosophy and theology studies were completed at the Institutum Nationale Studiorum Ecclesiasticorum Religiosorum Melitensum in Malta and in Ireland at All Hallows College (Dublin) and Maynooth College (Kildare). In addition to his academic credentials, he holds certifications as a neuro-linguistic practitioner, an Ayruvedic massage practitioner, and is a Satya Reiki Master.Fr. Antony is an experienced facilitator for a variety of programs to enable participants to discern and explore their own unique spiritualities based on their personality typologies and involving various media: art, clay, music and dance to encompass the visual, auditory and kinesthetic forms of learning. In addition. he conducts courses and seminars in meditation, group animation, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, conflict management, counseling, spiritual direction and spirit/mind/body healing and harmony. He also does individual, group and family therapy, and HIV/AIDS counse"

Many thanks to Mr Vitz.

Winner to be announced tomorrow

of the First Cathcon caption competition, as well as the launch of the Second CathCon CapComp