Monday, February 27, 2006

Pimp my Church


Update on the horror story of Catholic youth work in Luxembourg. Pseudo-shrine prepared for their big event on 22 February. Yes, the Catholic youth programme is called Pimp my Church (see Final Meltdown- and scroll down)

Another installation

I don't think this is what the Second Vatican Council meant by active participation.

Nor this- you were wondering what the chair was for. Now you have found out.

Nor this. Inactive participation in some sort of drama in front of the altar.

The uninspiring looking band- called the Gentles.

The priest unsure of the liturgical season (at very least)

Two clerics in Austria


unaware of the dignity of the priesthood and the diaconate. The contrast with the previous post could not be stronger.

Clerical dress

- enjoy!

Scary tabernacle in Rossdorf in Germany.

Former convent in Wales

now used for: "Welsh folk dancing, and traditional Celtic music, outdoor Shakespeare, mime, dance, talks, concerts and shows by well known touring companies and broadcasting personalities!"

Old Saint Mary's Convent

now- "Luxury Bed & Breakfast"

Magnificent former convent

for sale in Umbria, Italy if you have almost €2 million to spare.

Former Convent in Sidney, NY

became a baby killing centre.

Room of Stillness

or how Jesuits pray in Leipzig, Germany.

Faith Seeking Understanding

450 years summarised in 60 words.