Monday, February 06, 2006

Mickey Mouse tabernacle


in the Church of St Joseph Moscati, Rome.

Close-up. The intention is that the main part of the tabernacle gives the impression of a loaf of bread. See also the previous picture. Christ is the leaven of the sacrifice of the Mass which is the reason that unleavened bread is almost always used in the Catholic Church.

The whole of their liturgical space. Outer space would be nearer the mark.

A Church that is open to the world will ironically be attended by noone from the surrounding flats. It is however regularly used by the Community of St Egidio.

A Cross without Christ, means a religion without Sacrifice.

Not on the normal pilgrim itinerary of Rome.

Cardinal Koenig says Mass


before the Second Vatican Council. Remarkable.

Archbishop of Stockholm

Lesbian in contention. Doubt if she will be welcome in Rome. So much for ecumenism.