Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Carmel in Echt

Netherlands where St Edith Stein was arrested prior to being taken to Auschwitz in Poland, where she was killed with her sister, Rosa shortly after her arrival. She is the saint with no grave.

She was declared the co-patroness of Europe in 1999

The Convent chapel

The Shrine that has been erected to St Edith Stein in Echt Parish Church. On the right, her choir robe. On the left what seems like an altar containing secondary relics in the display case. But mindful of the post-conciliar "requirements" that there should only be one altar in a Church, the top slopes so the shrine becomes more like a display case.

Relics; as well as a book published after the saint's death.

Marists- new and old

Marist Chapel in Australia. Not too different from their dining room.

Three Marist provincials

Task force on Marist identity in Europe - it would help if you dressed as religious.

As you were.