Wednesday, January 11, 2006

St Patrick's Seminary, California


(Photo sometime between 1961 (unlikely)and 1968 (much more likely).
Foundation, rise, fall and further fall of a Catholic seminary.

They have a Vatican II Institute. The patronage of a saint rather than the name of the last Ecumenical Council would be preferable.

Priest for eternity; but the seminary is now closed

The Grand Seminary of Rijsenberg in Holland, now an appartment block

An ordination in the 1950s.

This is the Grand Seminary of St Sulpice in France during ordinations in the 1950s. The Seminary still operates but there are no longer enough vocations to justify using the Chapel.

The Sulpician Seminary in Montreal remains open but other seminaries have not been so lucky

St Patrick's College, Manly,became a hotel school!

A seminary in Seattlebecame a hotel and brew pub (2005 article).

Former Catholic seminary

in Mozambique now a "lasting opportunity to meet contemporary art from all over the country in its ARTS WALK." All very nice I am sure, but it won't save your soul.

Democratic votes

'legitimate' closure of Blessed Sacrament

But elsewhere in the Diocese of London

parishes suffer

"Ferrari said the loss of St. Peter's would be a serious blow to Sarnia's Italian community.
'St. Peter's is the most active church in Lambton County."

St. Joseph's Mission and for Holy Angels' Parish

Port Stanley in the Diocese of London.
"For two years, we are off the hook"