Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chapel of St Ann


And the nearby spring dedicated to the Five Wounds. Formerly, a site of pilgrimage and healing in Brussels, now lacking in care.
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Nicholas Jagneaux said...

This is distressing. My wife is Belgian, and when I first visited the country in 1991, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful churches I saw everywhere I went. They truly were awe-inspiring.

(I am from south Louisiana, and, although we try to retain our faith, our church architecture sometimes leaves much to be desired.)

I asked my wife the rhetorical question, "With such beautiful places of worship, how could anybody leave the church?"

Fifteen years later, I read that the churches are being allowed to be used practically as mosques. The disrepair of St. Ann is serious, but nothing in the league with what's happening in the Church in Belgium.

I urge everyone to pray to Our Lady of Beauraing and Our Lady of Banneux for a conversion of hearts in Belgium.