Thursday, November 17, 2005

Meet Monika Schmid


Another "stealth priestess" detected on the radar. She is the Parish Director of this parish in Switzerland. Quite a hit in the local media, she offers the faithful bible dramas and Indian spirituality. She received her training in a German Zen school.

She leads the Church in the way of the labyrinth rather than the way of the Cross. Here she is at the International Labyrinth Congress- special outing to "her" parish Church where they have built a labyrinth.

Poll: many don’t think attending Mass

is that critical. Just don't try that line at St Peter's Gate.

Divine Liturgy

followed by the not so divine! Noticed from here.

Catholic priests

Catholic join India's outsourcing bandwagon. The glory of the only truly global organisation, the Catholic Church.

Liturgical dead-ends


Whole collection of pictures here. In Polish, but the pictures speak for themselves. Instead of the people coming to the sanctuary, the sanctuary was broken down. Instead of people coming to Churches, they think these Masses bring Christ to the people. But nobody present has any sense of His presence!

Catholics to celebrate

an unmitigated disaster for Christendom. Protestantism of its nature divides, it does not reconcile.