Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mass of Fools

Now that Cologne has opened Carnival season (on the day that most of Europe was celebrating Armistice Day), we can look forward to some pretty strange Masses over the coming months. Here are some examples from previous years.

If priests don't take themselves seriously, how can the Gospel be taken seriously?

For this man's glory or that of God?

I thought I would just drop in for Mass. Sorry, I'm late everyone!

Five faces of evil and a priest

Behind the clown, the devil unfurls his banner.

But UNBELIEVABLE, this is all happening at the same Mass. And the acrobat seems to be blasphemously imitating Our Lord.

How far has the Church fallen, when it lets Catholic youth dress up as devils? The devil should spell danger not fun, and certainly not fun in Church.

When aliens are allowed to preach.

It should come as no surprise that there are little green men in the congregation.

When the Church becomes just a theatre.

You have to ask "Where are the clowns?" - In the orchestra with their backs to the Blessed Sacrament (a sadly common site in Germany and beyond).

But when altar servers become part of the comedy show this becomes pretty serious. Ultimately, they will respect neither themselves or the priesthood which they should be seriously considering joining.

All this is sad but the saddest of all is that a Cardinal joined the Carnival last year. Here he is pictured with the devil. Why does the Cardinal do this? Crowd pleasing was never part of the Gospel, unless you're name was Pilate. When the Church's leadership takes a lead in Carnival, then darkness has descended.