Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why is this all happening?

Books by Michael Davies provide many of the answers.

Here is a list of

AP = Angelus Press,2918 Tracey Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64109;
NP = Meumann Press, Lomg Prairie, Minnesota 56347; RCB = Roman
Catholic Books, POB 255, Harrison, NY 10528; RP = The Remnant Press,
2539 Morrison Ave., St. Paul, MN 55117. TAN = TAN Books, POB 424,
Rockford, Illinois 61105. OoP = Out of Print


Cranmer's Godly Order HB 372pp RCB
Pope John's Council 352pp AP
Pope Paul's New Mass 700pp AP
The Order of Melchisedech HB OoP 255pp RCB
Partisans of Error (on Modernism) 109pp NP
Newman Against the Liberals HB OUP 400pp RCB
A Fireside Chat with Malcolm Muggeridge 92pp RCB
The Second Vatican Council and
Religious Liberty 326pp NP

I am with you always (on the
Indefectibility of the Church) 101pp NP
For Altar and Throne - The Rising
the Vendée 100pp RP
Medjugorje after Fifteen years OUP 80pp RP
St John Fisher HB 140pp NP
Liturgical Time Bombs in Vatican II—The
Destruction of Catholic Faith Through
Changes in Catholic Worship 99pp TAN


The Tridentine Mass 68pp AP
The Roman Rite Destroyed (the ecumenical
dimension of the New Mass) 48pp AP
The New Mass 40pp AP
A Privilege of the Ordained
(on Communion the hand) 38pp NP
Communion under Both Kinds 48pp NP
The Goldfish Bowl (the disintegration
of Catholicism since Vatican II) 40pp NP
St. Athanasius 84pp AP
Legal Status of the Tridentine Mass OoP 50pp AP
The Barbarians have Taken Over
(Vandalism in the sanctuary) 60pp AP
Mass Facinq the People 42pp NP
The Liturqical Revolution 42pp AP
An Open Lesson for a Bishop (A lesson
on the liturgy for Bishop Lindsay) 34pp TAN
The Eternal Sacrifice 56pp NP
The Reign of Christ the King 36pp TAN
Liturgical Shipwreck 42pp TAN
The Catholic Sanctuary & Vatican II 44pp TAN
A Short History of the Roman Mass 53pp TAN

All at sea

in a German Catholic parish