Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Destruction of Catholicism in India

I receive an e-mail from India from an Indian Catholic of Portuguese Descent from the Portuguese Colony of Goa in India ; name withheld on request. In modern times, the Catholic Church is destroying herself. This has never happened in the course of history.

"My ancestors were evangelized by Catholic Missionaries such as Saint Francis Xavier and good Dominican, Franciscan, and Jesuit Missionaries and I live in India

I have a great devotion to the Divine Mercy, Sacred Heart, The Blessed Sacrament, and Our Lady.

I am shocked and scandalized that there are Indian Priests who are heretics and prepared to engage in large scale Paganism. I visited your web-page where I read the article "Catholic Priests to adopt Hindu Rituals" as well as the Link to the article from

I have been aware of this for some time and like most Orthodox Indian Catholics I believe that there is nothing we can do except pray as we are a captive audience in our churches and Our Cardinals and Bishops are just not listening to us.

Since,Tuesday over 400 Priests and more than half a dozen bishops have been meeting at the Papal Seminary in Poona-- a City not far from Bombay where I live. They have grandiose plans to paganize the Church by not only incorporating Hindu Rituals but also by violating the sanctity of many of our Catholic Churches with the installation of Hindu Gods and Goddesses near the Blessed Sacrament as well as on the Altar.

Let me really be honest with you. Since, the early 1990's in different parts of India Heretical Priests mainly Jesuits have been celebrating Masses where Readings from the Religious Books of Hindus and Muslims have been taking place as well as other pagan rituals of these two pagan religions.

Not only this, in some parts of India The Tabernacle is in the shape of the intimate organs of a number of different Hindu Gods and Goddesses; This is specially the case in some parts of South India.

This "Evil Inculturation" which they are bent on incorporating seems to have no limits. Why do we need to have these pagan rituals when The Catholic Church is rich with its own symbolism in the Liturgy which has been practiced for Centuries.

There are numerous Priests in India who are hard core heretics and are not ashamed of the consequences that might follow from this act.

I pray that the Holy Father and the Vatican do not give them permission for this. I also pray that the Papal Seminary, Poona is shut down by the Vatican as soon as possible as it has become "Satan's House".

Whatever, these Heretics want to incorporate in Catholic Churches throughout the Length and Breadth of India has been practiced by them for a number of years in the confines of this Seminary and secretly by them in their Churches.

Finally, let me tell you that a number of priests from this Seminary have been excommunicated by Cardinal Ratzinger in the 1990's, But this has not deterred them from pursuing this course of action which is going to be detrimental to the Faith of Thousands of Indian Catholics.

A Number of Priests have been excommunicated in the past most notably a Jesuit Professor by the name of Father Luis Bermejo S.J. who promoted, practiced, and taught all these Pagan Practices. He is a Spanish Jesuit who is a Hard-Core Heretic.

Please pray for the Catholic Church in India as it faces a swelling tide of pagan behaviour at the hands of its own priests.

I believe The Holy Father needs to be apprised of this Issue by Orthodox Catholics from all over the world and realize that he must not give in to these Heretics who call themselves "Priests". Catholic Priests in India for the last 10-15 years have forsaken The Faithful of Christ by promoting Pagan Religions.

Let me end this email by saying that there are a large number of Priests in India specially Jesuits, Salesians, Redemptorists, and even some Diocesan Priests who have been reciting verses from the "Bhagvadgita"-- the Religious Book of Hindus in Catholic Churches and substituting those verses for the first and second reading in the Mass for a number of years or at least two decades in a number of Cities and Towns.

They have even started over the last 15 years, reciting verses from the "Koran" in the Mass in Churches in different parts of India or getting Moslems from Islamic Religious Schools or Imams from Mosques to do the same.

They now plan to extend this Pagan Behavior to all Catholic Churches in India and add some more pagan rituals. Let me also tell you that for the last 10-15 years, as a result of this pagan behavior by priests large numbers of Indian Catholics in Cities like Bombay, Bangalore, and places like Goa, Kerala, etc have left the Catholic Church for "U.S. based Pentecostal Churches" like The Assembly of God, or the Seventh-Day Adventists or any Pentecostal Church you can think of. They are mushrooming in many places in India.

Between 70,000- 1,50,000 Catholics have left the Catholic Church in Bombay in the last 15 years. What is worse, the Clergy is just not interested in bringing them back. "

St Paul of the Cross


Blessed Dominic Barberi


"I see my religious in England", St Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionists. Such a small order, so many saints, blesseds and venerables.