Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Im freien Fall- in free fall

Every year 1% fewer Catholics in South America. So the problem is not confined to Europe. At a certain stage, it is impossible to win pro-life battles and for Catholics to lead the search for the common good. And then the barbarism begins. The collapse of the Catholic Centre Party in Germany gave Hitler his opportunity.

Consecrated wine/ bottle of wine juxtaposed

Autumn Farm Mass with Austrian music sponsored by Austrian Airlines followed by breakfast

Good turnout but the only people under sixty had come from Austria. The usual picture of the Belgian Church which has about another twenty years of viability if nothing changes.

A bottle of wine and leavened bread were brought up in the offertory procession and remained on the altar throughout the Mass, giving the impression that had been consecrated along with the Eucharistic elements.

Servus (the logo on the bottle) means Hello or Goodbye depending on the context

The same wine, which is used to promote the town of Filzmoos in Austria, being drunk at the breakfast afterwards. Not the same bottle, I hasten to add

Our Lady and the path to unity

"And what can the Anglican communion teach us?"- how to decline more rapidly than even the Catholic Church in Europe.

The Cardinal is deluded if he thinks:
"Mary has had an important place in the life and the liturgy both of the Anglicans...."

No plans yet to sell parishes in Mid-Columbia

as Spokane Diocese publishes bankruptcy plan:

Death in Vienna

of Catholic Faith as Cardinal opens "Youth Church" calling it a "Symbiose zwischen Jugendzentrum und Gotteshaus" -"A symbiosis between youth centre and house of God"- more like fast tracking Catholic youth to lapsation and at best occasional frequentation of the Sacraments. The Faith in Europe is in crisis but this is part of the problem not part of the solution.

The solemn ritual of the shoe offertory! Ludicrous!