Tuesday, September 20, 2005

For the record, Cardinal McCarrick's "prayer"

which has been removed from the Catholic University of America website. Catholics pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or not at all. Prayers to allah will not restore the Church, materially or spiritually.

“Traditional Islam: The Path to Peace”
Address by King Abdullah II of Jordan
Remarks by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick
Archbishop of Washington and CUA Chancellor

CUA Columbus School of Law
Sept. 13, 2005

Your Majesty, King Abdullah
Your Majesty Queen Rania
Prince Ghazi
Members of the delegation from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Father President
Distinguished guests from many faith communities

Dear friends all,

Your Majesty,

A few months ago, when I was privileged to pray for you on another occasion in this capital city, I asked Allah, the compassionate and merciful Lord of all the world, to bless you and to help you make your country a bridge across which all nations might walk in unity, fellowship and love. As I listened to your words today, I believe my prayer is being answered.

Indeed, the Amman Message of November of last year is a blueprint and a challenge not only to the great world of Islam, but to the whole human race. Your thoughtful leadership is a stirring invitation to all of us, especially to the people of the Book, the family of Abraham, who share so much and who are called to be brothers and sisters in God’s one human family.

You have taken to heart the words of Pope Benedict XVI when he addressed the Muslim leaders gathered with him in Germany last month and invited them all to join him in eliminating from all hearts any trace of rancor, in resisting every form of intolerance and in opposing every manifestation of violence. As you quoted in your splendid talk to us today, Pope Benedict called his listeners, in this way, to turn back the way of cruel fanaticism that endangers the lives of so many people and hinders progress for world peace.

Your Majesty’s call and that of the Holy Father are in so many ways the same. May Allah, the merciful and compassionate, continue to guide your steps along this noble path. May He guide and protect you, your family and your beloved country and may peace and justice come to all lands and all peoples through your efforts, your vision and your courage.

In the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate God, we pray. Amen.

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"We built this church and we expect it to be around forever."

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"The archbishop appreciates the sharing of dialogue in his meetings with those in vigil." Is appreciates really the word to use; I doubt it.

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pray for all the parishes that have to reconstruct after the hurricane. Hopefully, the Bishops don't take the opportunity to close parishes.

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why do we never here of "a spirit of Vatican I"