Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Global Right to Abortion" propagandists welcome at WYD

Amnesty International to Consider Pushing for Global Right to Abortion

They are, of course, entirely welcome at WYD and even have an exhibition in the Church of St Maternus.

What can be more totalitarian than the culture of death that they want to impose on the whole world?

Excellent letter

Reactions least one person has written to the Mayor of Cologne taking up Cathcon's suggestion.

"Dear Mr. Schramma:

I am a young catholic that intends to attend the World Youth Day in Cologne next week. Apart from helping me deepening in my faith, this trip will give me the opportunity to get to know the city you are mayor of. I have been informed that a wrongly self-protrayed group of 'catholics' called Catholics For Free Choice are planning on running a highly offensive billboard campaign accross the public transport system of Cologne. I am writting you to thank you for the hospitality that the people of your city has already shown to us in allowing to stage this event there, and also to ask you to do everything possible to avoid this billboard campaign actually taking place. CFFC's campaigns are not welcome here, and it would be extremely upsetting that they succeeded in disturbing a peaceful gathering such as the one taking place in Cologne. No decent person would allow a guest in his own home to be insulted by other (uninvited) people, and I am sure you are a decent person.

Best regards

pepito de tal "

Botched Boston process

from beginning to end.

Our Lady of Ransom, Archdiocese of Chicago

Good news showing that with Faith all is possible.