Tuesday, August 09, 2005

St.Maria Goretti...pray for us!


Patron Saint of Youth ignored by WYD 2002.

More on the saint known for her purity.

Seek the intercession of the Patron Saints of Youth for WYD and for the participants.

Holy Name of Mary Church


When your local Church begins to look like a pagan temple, then closure is not too long away. Yes, this is another church-like-no-other brought to you by Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles.

World Youth Day

A magnet for anti-Christian proselytizers

Protest against Cologne allowing the Condoms-4-Life advertising during WYD.

Write to the Mayor of Cologne

Fritz Schramma
Mayor of Cologne
D - 50667 Cologne

Fax: +49(0)221 221-23121

He understands English.

Difficulties with truth

Relating to earlier post on homosexual participation in WYD

Following an e-mail to KJG about the status of KJGay at WYD, I have been contacted by the National Director of KJG.

He says

"KJGay isn't an official group of our association. According to that they will not participate officially in WYD.

As I know there will be of course some people from KJGay participating as normal pilgrims in WYD."

So the National Director of KJG is happy that people from KJGay are participating in WYD! This happiness will not be shared by many participants and, of course, many parents.

I replied, asking if "KJGay isn't an official group of our association", why in so many German cities can KJGay be contacted care of the KJG address. (KJG Trier certainly thinks KJGay is a KJG project.) I also asked why did KJGay participate in the National Conference of KJG if they were not an official group.

I received a reply refusing to answer these simple requests. From which there can be only one conclusion. There is one "truth" for the outside world and the Catholic authorities and another "truth" for KJG's "friends" in KJGay.

KJG has a long history of infidelity. They openly opposed Bishop Reinhard Marx of Trier when he suspended a priest for performing a Lutheran communion service at the Ecumenical Church Day in Berlin in 2003. (sorry in German).