Saturday, August 06, 2005

Feast of the Transfiguration

...Cum salvari mundus, nisi Christi morte, non posset, et exemplo Dómini in hoc vocarétur credéntium fides, ut licet non oportéret de beatitúdinis promissiónibus dubitari, intelligerémus tamen inter tentatiónes hujus vitæ prius nobis tolerántiam postulandam esse quam glóriam.
...Since the world could not be saved but by the death of Christ. And the Lord's example was to call the faith of believers to this, that although we should have no doubts concerning the promise of eternal blessedness, yet we are to understand that, amid the trials of this life, we are to seek for power to endure rather than for glory.

Text from a Sermon of Pope St Leo the Great; the sixth lesson at Matins

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