Thursday, July 14, 2005

Church anger over abbey's upkeep

claims local council in Wales should pay. Why aren't the Cistercians interested?

Initiative would poll on church closings

in Boston

Good news

Vatican document forbidding homosexuals to Priesthood ready for release : "However, Allen suggests that some American bishops are hoping the Vatican shelves the document since they contend it will 'generate controversy and negative press." Laughable- American bishops advising the Vatican on how to avoid controversy and a negative press. If this document had been put into place early in the previous Papacy, many Churches now closed or threatened with closure would still be open today. See important article in Homiletic and Pastoral Review

The most conservative Bishop in Belgium

ordains a married former protestant.

Three ancient Catholic chapels

The Brigittines is now a concert hall, the second, as far as I know demolished and the third still exists.

St Christopher's Street, Brussels

However, a statue of St Christopher disappeared from the window overnight some years ago.