Friday, July 08, 2005

Church of St James, Diocese of Toledo

"Bishop Blair and the panel that recommended the closings only went through the motions of listening to their contentions that their Church is viable, financially sound, and an asset to its Seneca County community."

The Rite of Linz

As it is known by German speaking Catholic critics. Certainly not venerable, certainly not the work of the Holy Spirit. More scenes from the liturgical chaos that is Linz Diocese. A Carnival Mass.  Posted by Picasa

Ecumenical Vespers Posted by Picasa

Liturgical blurring of the distinction between priest and people. People are needed for a party, priests are needed for the Mass. Posted by Picasa

A Pastoral Assistent breaks bread at the Pastoral Centre in Solar City Linz and pretends it is Mass. The outgoing Bishop has just laid the foundation stone for a new building, stangely named "Elia" after the Old Testament prophet. See picturesPosted by Picasa