Monday, June 13, 2005

Saint Stanislaus Closing It Doors.

"In fact, the final commendation was conducted in a funeral style.": Diocese responsible for the death of another fine parish.

The Winchester Royal Hotel, Hampshire, UK

First refuge of the English Benedictines of Brussels after the French Revolution. They stayed until 1857 when they moved to East Bergholt when the building became a hotel.

Small Catholic parishes fighting for their lives

Kansas, Ohio
"When parishioners send registered letters to the bishop, and the man can't answer them himself ... there are so many things that are not factual that we were told by the bishop's right-hand people,' Logsdon said.

George Van Doren of Oregon criticized the 'consultation' process the diocese used to formulate the proposals for reorganization. Parishes were required to fill out surveys, have meetings and come up with viable options to the plan. During parish visits, Blair, Sister Joyce Lehman and Joe Wasserman set many restrictions about who could attend and what questions would be addressed.
'When someone has a meeting with me and dictates what we will discuss, what questions will be proper, what questions can we expect answers to, that's not consultation. That's dictation.

At Holy Rosary, no one came around before the original list of recommendations came out ... they never asked us to review the statistical information they had gathered so that we could tell them 'this is an error here.' ... "

Shock news from Boston

Archbishop to talk to Catholic faithful!

''I'd like to say it's good, but you never know what they're thinking," said Kim Dacy-Smith, 43, whose two sons attended the school. ''A trust has been broken. It's hard to trust what they're really going to do."

Good news from Italy

But sad that Catholic politicians including the President have worked against the Catholic Church.

Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Maine

now a cultural centre dedicated to spiritual history.

Union County Heritage Museum

was a Catholic Church