Tuesday, May 03, 2005

St Helena, discoverer of the True Cross, pray for us! Posted by Hello

The Golden Legend

recounts the Discovery of the True Cross
Today is the Feast of the Discovery of the True Cross. Hail the Cross, our only Hope. Posted by Hello

eBay relents

on Eucharist policy in response to massive protests

John Henry Cardinal Newman

Why is May chosen as the month in which we exercise a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin?"

Church of the Minimes, Brussels

Belgium news are reporting the end of the protest by the Muslim group which desecrated the Church of the Minimes. More to follow.


The Vatican's view on tourism

"Ecotourism: safeguard the natural heritage, the spiritual, religious and cultural values of the sites
For its part, the Holy See also wants to contribute to the discussion by indicating certain principles and values that are or should be the basis of ecotourism. Effectively, ecotourism must not be limited to bringing tourists into contact with unpolluted nature or with rural societies; it must also become a concrete means of safeguarding the natural heritage and, especially, cultural, spiritual and religious traditions."

And what they missed? Do not defend "religious traditions", there is only one Tradition and that is Catholic. Advance Catholicism!

Tourists who visit Churches must be evangelised. Not one person in all my visits to Churches across Europe has ever tried to explain to me Catholicism. When I prayed the Rosary not very loudly in a Church in Bruges, I was told not to disturb the tourists. What an opportunity wasted!

May Magnificat- by Fr Gerald Manley Hopkins SJ

MAY is Mary’s month, and I
Muse at that and wonder why:
Her feasts follow reason,
Dated due to season—

Candlemas, Lady Day;
But the Lady Month, May,
Why fasten that upon her,
With a feasting in her honour?

Is it only its being brighter
Than the most are must delight her?
Is it opportunest
And flowers finds soonest?

Ask of her, the mighty mother:
Her reply puts this other
Question: What is Spring?—
Growth in every thing—

Flesh and fleece, fur and feather,
Grass and greenworld all together;
Star-eyed strawberry-breasted
Throstle above her nested

Cluster of bugle blue eggs thin
Forms and warms the life within;
And bird and blossom swell
In sod or sheath or shell.

All things rising, all things sizing
Mary sees, sympathising
With that world of good,
Nature’s motherhood.

Their magnifying of each its kind
With delight calls to mind
How she did in her stored
Magnify the Lord.

Well but there was more than this:
Spring’s universal bliss
Much, had much to say
To offering Mary May.

When drop-of-blood-and-foam-dapple
Bloom lights the orchard-apple
And thicket and thorp are merry
With silver-surfèd cherry

And azuring-over greybell makes
Wood banks and brakes wash wet like lakes
And magic cuckoocall
Caps, clears, and clinches all—

This ecstasy all through mothering earth
Tells Mary her mirth till Christ’s birth
To remember and exultation
In God who was her salvation.
My house shall be called a house of prayer but you have turned the Church of St Quentin, Hees, Belgium into a bicycle shed, where cyclists pay 32 euro to sleep overnight. The Church had been a ruin before this transformation took place. I am unsure how and when the original desecration took place. Posted by Hello