Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Rectory House

as I thought, it was where the priest lived.

Former Catholic Church

now Mr. Small's Theatre which has appropriate groups like "Hellrazer" playing. The old rectory and old school house seem to be recording studios.

One punk group that plays there, Anti-Flag considers a democratically elected Christian to be a larger threat to peace and freedom than a mass murdering egomaniac in control of a rogue state.

Wonderful to behold the episcopal sense of mission which does not mind Churches falling into the hands of groups and activists who are inimicable to all that the Catholic Church stands for.

Catholic Church

handed over to Vineyard Central, a post-modern protestant sect, which is all about doing your own thing (rather than God's)

The great symbol

of the lack of influence of the Catholic Church on the European institutions. The Cloister of the Queen of All Saints was demolished to make way for the headquarters of the European Commission. I believe that the original convent was demolished to make way for the Brussels Court of Justice, after which they moved only to be evicted again. The Belgian authorities have a terrible record when it comes to the preservation of their historic buildings, aside from any religious considerations.

Lest we forget

it used to be the communists that were experts at finding new uses for Catholic Churches.

My house shall be called a house of prayer

but the Chapel of the Ursulines in Rouen became a public library in the 1970s.

The Ursulines founded five convents in America, two of which are still in existance today, including the oldest continuously operating school in the US.

There is another Kathleen Heck in America

apart from the one that works for the Archdiocese of Boston. This one is also a dealer in real estate.

See the press releases of the Archdiocese. One press release after another anouncing that they are putting Churches on the market.

Shared use

An curious concept for the dwelling place of God upon earth. It leads slowly and surely to the Church use being elbowed out as people find more and more activities to please themselves.

Wisconsin Church Should Be Saved, Residents Say

Regular visitors to this blog will not be surprised

"We're not trying to antagonize the pastor," Zamka says. "But he isn't willing to open the door and talk to the people."


"The church says the building is crumbling when it is probably more sound and more solid than most buildings,"

Always the same excuses, which don't ring true when you read them over and over again.