Thursday, February 10, 2005

Since Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple

marketplaces within the Church have to be treated with the greatest suspicion. Bishops are happy to close Churches but are now reluctant to impose elementary Catholic discipline, without which there can be no unity and without which no Catholic truth can be proclaimed.

Great Catholic Church sale- a few of the smaller lots

found there way to the White Cross Bay Leisure Park and Marina:

"A disused Catholic Church provided many of the materials used in the new bar including the novel centrepiece a confession door, now housing drinks rather than penitents"

Not a good place for Catholics to stay; this will make them angry and uncomfortable. The Leisure Park should return these goods to the Church immediately.

The Great Catholic Church Sale

- in Ireland... when you think what the Catholic Church in Ireland has endured for it to come to this.

All Saints Church, Lanchester, UK

In the days when the Church was building and not destroying - and when marble was being taken from hotels for use in Churches and not the other way around.