Saturday, January 01, 2005

Carmel of Maria Koenigin (Our Lady, Queen) in Aachen, Germany

Article in German. Bishop Mussinghof of Aachen is trying to close the Carmel, which has now only three sisters, thanks to the ban that he himself imposed on recruitment.

Sorry that the article is in German. But I quote a key passage:

"We will fight for our existence. And with all means the available " states a sister. She assumes that the Diocese have specific material interests in the closure of the monastery. "the diocese is speculating on the fact that our monastery reverts into its possession after closure and it can sell the real estate and property."

This sounds a very familiar story. The Bishop is displaying a complete lack of charity towards an order which normally have been the last order left standing in European towns in the years after the Second Vatican Council.

The Bishop also has some odd theological views.

From his sermon at the International Meeting of Prayer for World Peace in Aachen

"When we are praying for peace, we are turning to the one God. We know: God is not Catholic, God is not protestant, God is not Orthodox, God is not even Christian. God is not jewish. God is not muslim, God is not buddhist. God is not the God of one or the other religion. God is the God and Father of every person. He desires all men to be saved. God cares for every person. God loves everyone. God is God for all of us. He is our good father. We are all his creatures, children of this earth."

This may have made the congregation feel good but it is not actually what the Catholic Church teaches.

May Our Lady of Carmel, Protectoress against Error and enduring Strength of Carmel pray for us and the little Carmel of Aachen.

Nearer the end of the ecumenical road

Blessings vote causes rift with Catholics. Catholics have a choice between mission which saves souls and dialogue which compromises truth. Forgetfulness of Our Lord's commission to preach the Good News has led to the closure of Churches. If you think that the Church is no longer Our Mother and the Ark of Salvation but a bureaucratic machinery, this result is inevitable. God's houses become mere stones.

When the Archdiocese of Boston mades its plans

to break the parochial system they forgot the elderly. Yet, they will continue to preach about justice.

Parishes on North Side team up

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Watch out for Church closures in : the Diocese of Shreveport.

Sister Daues (director of "Mission Effectiveness") is not sure what the final solutions will be, but she expects some decisions in late January or early February.