Sunday, October 30, 2005

Our Lady of Flanders

pictures of wayside shrines and music to the hymn dedicated to Our Lady of Flanders, Love gave you a thousand names.

1. Liefde gaf u duizend namen
Groot en edel, schoon en zoet,
Maar geen eeen die 't hart der Vlamen
Even hoog verblijden doet
Als de naam, o moedermaagd,
Die gij in ons landje draagt,
Schoner klinkt hij dan al d'and'ren:
Onze Lieve Vrouw van Vlaand'ren (bis).

2. Waar men ga langs Vlaamse wegen,
Oude hoeve, huis of tronk,
Komt men u, Maria, tegen,
Staat uw beeltenis te pronk,
Lacht ons toe uit lindegroen,
Bloemenkrans of blij festoen,
Moge 't nimmer dier verand'ren,
O gij Lieve Vrouw van Vlaand'ren (bis).

3. Blijf in 't Vlaamse harte tronen
Als de hoogste koningin,
Als de beste moeder wonen
In elk Vlaamse huisgezin.
Sta ons bij in alle nood,
Nu en in het uur der dood,
Ons, uw kind'ren, en ook d'and'ren,
Liefste Lieve Vrouw van Vlaand'ren (bis).

Translation to follow!

Many more wonderful pictures here.

Onze Lieve Vrouw van Vlaanderen

State-subsidised art- no-one bought these tickets.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pope Pius XI

on Christ the King:

"We must all the more loudly proclaim his kingly dignity and power, all the more universally affirm his rights. "

Long live Christ the King!


Also the last words of the martyr Fr Miguel Pro SJ

Defending the honour of Our Lady of Flanders.

from the attacks of blasphemers at the first night of the play "Our Lady of Flanders" at the Flemish theatre in Brussels, KVS (logo behind the banners)

150 demonstrators were met with some three van loads of police - some of whom were friendly others a little less so.

Advertising for the play in the foyer. Those who attended the state-subsidised play were noticeably "middle class". The whole charade has more to do with bourgeois liberal guilt than anything else. It is not just American universities that are victims of this guilt!

"No to the blasphemy, for the honour of Our Mother". Behind the first of many mockers in the internal corridor leading to the theatre.

Two (!) priests attended from the whole of Brussels/ Belgium, one of whom led the Rosary. Where were the Flemish, where were the Catholics, where were the Flemish Catholics, where was Cardinal Danneels? Oh, I forgot, he doesn't descend into the street- neither to attack homosexual marriage nor to defend the honour of Our Lady.
"No to this blasphemy, for the honour of Our Lady". What they all do not realise it is a short step from mockery to persecution.

The crowd who think they are more sophisticated than they actually are.

The beer drinkers looking down on the crowd beneath.

The too clever by half who think they have outgrown Catholicism.

And a man who mockingly made a repeated sign of the Cross.

"Stop anti-Christian racism"

Stop this blasphemy

The police depart after a long, hard day defending blasphemers

from peaceable Catholics.

Our Lady of Flanders, pray for us!

And here the story of the gypsy saint, Ceferino Jimenez Malla a martyr who was offered his "freedom" if he would renounce his faith and throw away his Rosary. He died shouting " Long live Christ the King"

At least 150 Belgiums found an excellent way to celebrate the vigil of the Feast; defending the honour of the Mother of Christ the King.

See also VRT video report (click on second video "Tientallen")

If you forget the Cross,

why not advertise the savings bank?

Another "stealth priestess".

You guessed it; Diocese of Linz

Swedish church says yes to gay blessings

Time to cross the Swedish Lutherans off the ecumenical guest list. Why is the Catholic Church bothering with these dying Churches who are so unfaithful to traditional Christian teaching on faith and morals?

Diocese of Ferns

Government report on the scandal in its entirety.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

St James ' Church

resistance in the Archdiocese of Boston

Church goes bananas again


It must be the Diocese of Linz!

Demonstrate against blasphemous play

Our Lady of Flanders

Saturday 29 october 7.00 pm in front of the Flemish Theatre KVS,
Quai aux Pierres de Taille 7, 1000 Brussels

Our Lady of Cultural Differences

Archbishop O'Malley

invites traditionalist Catholics to help Catholic schools and into the administration of the Archdiocese.:

"There is no blacklist here. .... Every day we are called to conversion, to renewal, to support the mission of the church, and if people love their church and want to support it, they should come forward and do so."

Church turns to critic to aid Catholic schools

Political games- no way to run an Archdiocese. Famously, Prime Minister John Major kept his critics within the government in England to prevent them criticising him- and look what happened to him!

Breaking the vicious circle of decline

Prayers before the Blessed Sacrament, a zealous vocation director who seeks out Hispanic vocations “in the fields,” priests who assist the vocation director in recruiting seminarians, and “a bishop that is open to the work of vocations”—
these may well be the most important ingredients of the successful vocation programs of the future.

An excellent article, not all of which I agree with- but what a great article!

There are also worldwide many vocation directors who are positive barriers to vocations. These guys have to go!
Bishops are there to trust their own judgements, representatives of Christ and the Church beyond their Diocese and country.

What is certainly better is not to stand in the way of vocations. Allowing candidates to proceed to discern their own vocations is much better than the elitism of selectivity (as practiced by the "Church" of England).

There is an excellent book called "Die Verwundung" (The Wounding) about the destruction of seminary life in the years after the Council when many good vocations were destroyed for ever.

I think it was St John Nepomuk who realised his vocation when he heard about a runaway priest- and the Church is not exactly short of examples in the last forty years of priests who ran away with for the most part ex-nuns. Infidelity is also an ugly word. We need many fewer Abelards and just one St Bernard.

Vatican ready to quit Taiwan for ties with Beijing

Appeasement is an ugly word- and if not the cause of the Second World War certainly created the conditions for it to take place.

This is the direct consequence of the weakness of Catholicism in Europe and the world, whose governments are no longer willing to defend Catholicism.

How Austria came to be free

“Today, we, whose hearts are full of faith, cry out to Heaven in joyful prayer: We are free. O Mary, we thank Thee!”

Yesterday was the Austrian National Day celebrating this event.

Pope Pius X, speaking of the Rosary: "Of all prayers the Rosary is the most beautiful and the richest in graces; of all it is the one which is most pleasing to Mary, the Virgin Most Holy. Therefore love the Rosary and recite it everyday with devotion."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bishop blesses liturgical abuse

by visiting parish to say Mass. Cathcon has already reported on this parish in Austria where the servers (mostly female) dress as if they were members of a sect and they follow a twig and not the Cross of Christ. (The window says "Infinitely far from us and yet so near" intended both to describe God and to address lapsed Catholics!!). So what were no less than two Bishops doing concelebrating Mass in this dreadful parish. One of the Bishops was the Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz whose predecessor had to resign because of the liturgical abuse scandals in the Diocese, but now clearly can't recognise the same scandals himself. The other was Bishop Alois Schwarz of Kärnten. Unbelievably, the Church was specially chosen for Mass at the end of the annual meeting of Austrian deacons. The Bishop evidently believes that this Church and her resident deacon are examples to follow. Not if one wants to preserve the Catholic Faith in Linz and Austria.

How can the Bishop of Linz be unaware as he celebrates Mass in this Parish?

That they turned their Church into a dining room for the Feast of St Francis.

Reverencing an altar (but maybe a lecturn- "table of the word" as opposed to "table of the eucharist" to use modernist terms-seems to be used for both purposes)

Junk at the foot of the altar on the same occasion.

How can the Bishop not know about the Deacon who attempted to say Mass? But all smiles here.

This deacon is no saint.

Was Bishop not informed about this Mass which took place shortly after his visit? Called a Political Mass/ Harvest Thanksgiving. What would he have said if he had turned up on the wrong day?

This is the communion. Yes, I had to rub my eyes in disbelief.

Another picture of the communion

And yet another Linz "stealth priestess"
A compliment the miniature "priestesses" that the Bishop could not fail to notice.

at the Mass at which he presided

Nor could he have failed to notice the twig veneration and the strangely dressed servers

And he definitely saw the vessels totally unworthy of offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Is that a piece of bread on the altar? Was it consecrated along with the hosts? Who knows in the mad liturgical world of the Diocese of Linz? How can this Bishop correct any liturgical abuse?

Catholic priests seek to adopt Hindu rituals

or more accurately put - appeasement in India. An analogous policy led to war in Europe, but says Father Lionell Mascarenhas, a priest.

"It would definitely put a check on the so-called fundamentalists who keep blaming us for conversions."

Catholic Churches are not hindu temples, nor even half-hindu.

The Fruits of Disobedience

new blog on the block -promises to very interesting.

Only the Cross Stands

as the World Turns

From another account of the time:
However, in 1535 the Treason Act was passed, declaring any person guilty of treason who ‘denied or refused to acknowledge that the King was Supreme Head of the Church on earth in England’. Realising that this could never be accepted, Prior Houghton announced three days of special prayer. John Skinner, in his book Hear our Silence, describes the events of those three days: ‘On the first, each monk made general confession of all his past sins; on the second, each was reconciled with his brother in respect of all offences he had committed. On the third day, Prior Houghton celebrated a solemn votive Mass of the Holy Spirit. Dom Maurice Chauncy, a monk who in exile was later to chronicle these last days, recorded that at the elevation of the Host, “a gust of wind, an echoing deep harmony, a breath of the Spirit” was felt and heard by all in the church. The Prior, who was unable to continue for some moments, later spoke about his experience in chapter, saying that they must all continue to ask God’s grace in prayer for steadfast strength.’

There is a picture of this Mass in the Crypt of Tyburn Convent in London.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Michael Schiavo

knows no shame.

Bishop of Essen, Germany

If the Diocese was a business, we would be in official receivership. And, the Church of the people is at an end; the Church is called to live her spiritual dimension.

So now the truth comes out; the Bishop is denying that the Church should be visible on earth, just like any protestant. The Church is the Body of Christ not the church of anonymous Christians that Karl Rahner talks about.

Even more "Linz stealth priestesses"

from Kronika Novus Ordo - sorry in Polish but the pictures give an all too clear impression of what is going on. The younger woman is even styled "parish director"!

See also here

Redemtorist Convent in Bonn, Germany

becomes a wellness centre offering massage in the former Church. Traditional Catholics were prevented by Cardinal Meisner from purchasing the Church.

And more - Diocese grabs artwork

Please come to Meeting with Mayor’s rep. Justin Roja at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Van Ness and Green, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25
October 24, 2005
Dear Friends:

In the early-morning dark today, defying an order from the Department of Building Inspection, San Francisco’s Archdiocese went into St. Brigid Church and took out many of the church’s 100-year-old artwork and statues.

Our committee had been at the church, 24 hours a day, since Friday afternoon when SF police, acting on an order from the Department of Building Inspection, told the archdiocese they could not take the artwork, nor even enter the building, until the issues of St. Brigid’s landmark status and who owns the artwork have been resolved.

On Friday afternoon, members of the Committee to Save St. Brigid Church had had to lie down in the doorway to stop them until police got there. But this morning their wrecking crew got in and out while we were stuck outside, powerless, behind the locked gates of the churchyard.

Today, by the time police got there, the archdiocese’s wrecking crew had gone.

On Thursday evening SF’s Planning Commission had voted to grant landmark protection to the church, both inside and out, including the artwork the archdiocese took this morning. But their action won’t become law until the Board of Supervisors can vote, at the earliest next week.

By then, unless we can stop them, the artwork could be anywhere.

We will go into court this week to ask a judge to require the archdiocese to return the things they took until their proper ownership is determined. We hope you will be able to come to that hearing to show support for St. Brigid. We don’t know the exact time or date, but we will keep you informed – and hope you can make it.

More immediately, the Committee will meet Tuesday night with Mayor’s rep. Justin Roja, to ask for the Mayor’s help in this. Please be there to make him know we’re angry. 7 p.m. at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Van Ness and Green.

Here are two pieces from the Chronicle on Friday and Saturday which more completely describe the situation.

URGENT-St Brigid's Church, San Francisco

Calling for your help!
October 23, 2005
Dear Friends:

We’re going to court early next week to protect St. Brigid’s interior from demolition until the city’s Board of Supervisors can act to declare the entire building, both outside and in, as a city landmark.

But because of delays required by the city’s charter, the Board cannot act to protect St. Brigid for at least two weeks.

So this week, after selling St. Brigid Church to the Academy of Art University, the Archdiocese has had crews in the sanctuary, tearing out statues and otherwise wrecking the church’s interior, racing to finish their destruction before the formal landmark designation takes effect, hoping, we presume, that what is already destroyed cannot be protected.

They have done this in defiance of no fewer than three “stop work” notices from the city’s Department of Building Inspection, for violations ranging from doing work without a permit to subjecting their workers to potential danger from the piles of fallen asbestos ceiling tiles in the sanctuary.

They have continued to try to do this, even as members of our committee have sat in the doorway of the church to block them from loading their trucks.

Friday afternoon the San Francisco Police stopped them, for the afternoon anyway, from removing the artwork.

The church’s treasures are, at this moment, staged just inside the door of St. Brigid’s sacristy, ready for quick loading into trucks.

We suspect that the Archdiocese will attempt to remove these statues (even though they are now prohibited by law from even entering the building) before a judge can act to protect them. So we are standing vigil, day and night, by the church’s doors, until a judge can issue a restraining order.

In the past few weeks they have ignored the will of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, its Planning Commission and its Department of Building Inspection, but we hope the Archdiocese will respect the will of the state’s courts.

We need your help in two things:

We don’t yet know the exact time or date of the hearing, but we hope you’ll be able to come to the State courthouse to show support (on short notice) early next week. When we get the time and date of the hearing, we’ll send another e-mail.

Help us stand vigil at the church to keep the Archdiocese from taking out the church’s artwork. Please call to volunteer: 415-364-1511 and leave a message with your number.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Barrel organ Mass


A Mass shaped by and for humans, instead of by divine institution. Forty years of reform and then this!

Disco Mass in Eisenstadt, Austria

God, where are you? - the advertisement which uses a picture of the last WYD but one, seems to imply that God could be absent. Even stranger when you consider that the advert is for a Mass, where God is certainly present if the Mass is valid.

The youth at this Mass are just being encouraged not to come to Church. What need do they have for Churches, when every once in a while they can attend a Mass in a disco?

There is no liturgical abuse in the Diocese of Linz

- that's official unless, of course, you assist at the Harvest Festival with no clear distinction between the Mass and the buffet afterwards.

Catholics block door to church

Workers prevented from taking artifacts from St. Brigid

Normally, Catholics have to protect themselves from protestants and atheists removing Church goods, not their own Diocese.

World Mission Sunday in Germany

"To bring the Love of God to the point"

For information:
The holy dot or bindi (also known as kumkum, mangalya, tilak, sindhoor and by other names) is an auspicious makeup worn by young Hindu girls and women on their forehead. The term is derived from bindu, the Sanskrit word for a dot or a point. It is usually a red dot made with vermilion (finely powdered bright red mercuric sulphide). Considered a blessed symbol of Uma or Parvati, a bindi signifies female energy (shakti) and is believed to protect women and their husbands. Traditionally a symbol of marriage (hence the widows did not wear vermilion), it has now become a decorative item and is worn today by unmarried girls and women of other religions as well. No longer restricted in color or shape, bindis today are seen in many colors and designs and are manufactured with self-adhesives and felt.

The irony is that the organisers of World Mission Sunday have missed the point of mission; saving souls

Friday, October 21, 2005

Church of St Boniface, Brussels

Occupation by the "sans-papiers". A thousand other secular halls in Brussels to make their protest. Why here? Posted by Picasa

No to a fortress Europe!

Oh that the Church could be better protected from this

Regularise all the "sans-papiers". At the back, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Sleeping quarters by the confessionals

The Church as a political meeting

Make yourself at home