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There can be nothing more beautiful

this side of heaven

School which calls itself Catholic

to Honor Pro-Abortion Official

From their Mission Statement
"by the gospel of Jesus Christ, this community strives to use God's gifts to promote social justice for the greater glory of God."

Talk of social justice is worthless, unless your practices are to pray for the Poor Souls in purgatory and to seek to rescue the innocent from murder by abortion. These practices are at the heart of all justice.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Masses celebrated by cowboy priests

A selection of pictures from a variety of country music festivals in Canada. No-one should wonder that Churches are closing. Mass becomes an annual event inserted into the programme of a country music festival instead of the Holy Sacrifice celebrated in a Church every week. Pleasure giving, rather than soul saving.

Cowboy priest Posted by Picasa

Preparing for Mass Posted by Picasa

Choir (of sorts) Posted by Picasa

Cowboy servers Posted by Picasa

Worshipping themselves not God. Posted by Picasa

And again Posted by Picasa

Angels guard Catholic altars. In which religion do hens stand guard? Posted by Picasa

In this wretched part of the world, now looks as if Catholic Masses carry advertising.  Posted by Picasa

Active participation not of the laity but of live poultry. Posted by Picasa

The original guitar Mass. Of course, no Cross. Instead, the guitar. Posted by Picasa

Since when do Catholics have statues of horses at Mass. Saints yes, horses no.  Posted by Picasa

St Brigid's Church, New York

Court hearing, Tuesday August 30

Bankruptcy judge rules parish assets available to victims

More on the Spokane case

Trestle table "altar"


totally unworthy of the presence of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Diocese of Spokane decision

and is extremely bad news

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Today is the Feast of St Louis

And here is a wonderful picture of St Louis receiving the Crown of Thorns from Jesus.


St Louis venerates the relic of the Crown of Thorns brought from the Holy Land.

The relic was originally placed in Notre Dame but was then enshrined in the newly constructed Sainte Chapelle which is nearby.

Sainte Chapelle was desecrated by the French revolution and the relic now is back in Notre Dame. Notre Dame itself was almost destroyed by the revolutionary spirit in 1802.

The death of St Louis

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Demographic shifts changing the Catholic church

fascinating map.

The map does not show the parallel decline in the absolute number and the levels of practice of the Catholic laity. Also by eliminating or several restricting concelebration and insisting priests say one Mass a day, the so-called priest shortage is not half as bad as is often claimed. The real problem at the moment is the quality not the quantity. Breaking the vicious circle of quality decline would mean that the quantity will look after itself.

Boston again

Digging in to stay and pray

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Spirit of WYD?

Out-of-control Belgian nun in the arms of priest at WYD. The fact that WYD has created the conditions for such an incident to arise must concern Catholics throughout the world. The Pope hopes that WYD will be a "laboratory for vocations". Not on this evidence. More likely it will catalyse another grim round of "ex-priest - ex-nun" marriages.

The nun did not properly apologise (my apologies for earlier believing she had). This is the translation of the text by the front page news story.

'The dancing nun who went crazy last weekend in Cologne at the WYD was disciplined by her novice mistress "She thinks I have to be more careful. I must realize that I represent the whole community", said Sister Johanna Vertommen of the Monastery of Our Lady of Bethany of Loppem"

Not that she regrets her wild dance steps in the presence of the Pope. "I would not do this at home", she admited "but at a gathering like this I let myself be carried along by the enthusiasm of the group."

She belongs to an order of Missionary Benedictines! Precisely what this behaviour has to do either with Mission or the Order that St Benedict, Patron of Europe founded is unclear. If a representative of the order that originally evangelised Europe behaves like this, hope is on hold for quite a few generations.

To protest, I suggest contacting

Revd Mother Superior
Priorij Onze Lieve Vrouw van Bethanie
Sysen 8

The monastery

This is the foundress of the monastery

Mother Marie Paule Blomme represented on a prayer card published at the time of her death in 1944. The initiator of the foundation was Dom Theodore Neve of the Abbey of St Andries, Zevenkerken (which was once a great liturgical centre).

Dom Theodore

On the card, Mother Blomme asks her children to:
"Prefer nothing to the work of God and remain faithful to the Benedictine Rule"

The priest in the picture is, according to reports, a missionary of the Sacred Heart, based in Brussels. The idea after the Second Vatican Council was that orders should live according to the charism of the founder, rather than their rule (horror, as if the two were seperate). This gives an idea just how far this priest has departed from both.

Even before it started, the questionable spirit of WYD could be seen.

Here a woman pretends to be Jesus during preparations for WYD in Berlin 2004. This was in the presence of a Cardinal and the Nuntius and was broadcast across Germany!!.

We should not be too surprised then when the Three Kings turn into Two Queens and a King at WYD.

Cardinal Danneels regrets?

(translation from Belga- Belgian Press Agency)
Cardinal Danneels and Pope Benedict XVI talked over possible misunderstandings that arose after the Pope's election. There are no misunderstandings anymore, Danneels said to VTM-News last Thursday.

After the election of Benedict XVI, Danneels seemed unable to hide his disillusion. On this subject, Danneels told VTM last Thursday that he had met the new Pope and brought the subject to his attention. He (Danneels) said to the Pope that there was an interpretation going around with which he did not agree. The Pope answered, according to Danneels: 'Never mind, I have read your sermon. Let us say no more about this, it is no problem.'

The Catholic Key

Latin Mass in Kansas

"... a 90-minute question-and-answer session following his announcement, a few members of the community expressed misgivings about the costs of restoring Old St. Patrick, about moving from Our Lady of Sorrows which is one of the diocese's most beautiful churches, and about the permanence of the new arrangement.
Bishop Finn told the community that while he cannot bind his successors to any of his decisions, it is his intention to help the community grow."

Monday, August 22, 2005

Recta Ratio

comments on Boston

"In a few years, the last 6 Catholics in Boston will be celebrating Mass in space they have to rent from the Episcopalians, because the Archdiocese has closed all our churches. Beancounting is no way to run a religion."

And on cell phones, I have seen a Jesuit leave to take a call during Mass.

Archdiocese closes another school

- this time two weeks before classes due to begin. Will come as no surprise it's that Archdiocese of Boston maintaining its usual standards of pastoral care - abysmal.

Manitowoc Parish Rebuilds Stronger

"The Green Bay Catholic Diocese recently reorganized all six parishes in Manitowoc, closing all of them then reopening three under one new name: St. Francis of Assisi". Now adding five to ten new families a week! So soon, they will have to open new Churches. And all the "recongfiguration" will be shown to be what it was all along, a colossal waste of time and resources!

As lawsuit looms, Catholic Church transfers ownership of properties

"Diocese being sued over abuse puts assets into parishes' hands":

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Breaking up the WYD logo

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 Posted by Picasa

And sending it to the four corners of world. After the destruction of so many Catholic symbols, new symbols and "liturgies" are invented, but they will never compete in quality with the old. Abstractions do not nourish Faith.

Arrival of Three Kings at WYD Mass

or rather two Queens and a King
Arrival of the Three Kings Posted by Picasa

The relics of the Three Kings are kept in Cologne Cathedral. In their honour, three young people dressed up as the Three Kings for the offertory procession, except two of the "Kings" were female.
Bearing Gold
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Incense Posted by Picasa

The Mass was specially composed for the occasion. Missa Mundi- Mass of the World by Thomas Gabriel (what a strange title for a Catholic Mass, given Our Lord's comments in scripture). It combined some Gregorian chant with rhythms from around the world.

African rhythms or better to say pseudo-african rhythms.
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Pagans invoked on Youth Day

with link to my earlier post:

"Considering this parish in Germany of which the initial posting talks about, I have initiated in late 2002 a correspondence first the priest in charge there and then with the responsable Bishop (in the city of Wuerzburg). I even wrote several letters to the Nuntius in Germany and eventually to the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith in Rome. Letters received and acknowledged for... and nothing changed !
This priest continues to this day with his destruction work in the Church, unmolested by the Bishop and actively supported by his Vicar General."

Saturday, August 20, 2005

WYD tonight. A Festival of Light, but can you spot the Cross?  Posted by Picasa

Compare and contrast the Catholic Day, Bochum, Germany, 1949

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Fractured Face of Carmel

after the Second Vatican Council

World Youth Day

The crisis of European Catholicism cannot be overestimated. There was just 131 ordinations last year in the whole of Germany. There were none in the Diocese of Linz in Austria. This has also been associated with a decline in Catholic practice by the Faithful, so the ratio of priests to people has remained manageable across Europe, and in some places has remained the same. In this sense, there is no priest shortage. The big deficiency is not in quantity but in quality- yes, this is a priest.

A wholesale reform and standardisation of the seminary syllabus would be a good way forward. More St Thomas Aquinas would add some rigour. But there is only one Thomistic university course in the whole of Europe, as far as I am aware. The "new theology" now over fifty years old has lead nowhere.

Feast of St John Eudes


Author of the Liturgical Worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Holy Heart of Mary