Sunday, November 21, 2004

Eglise St Jacques, Liege

This magnificent Church used to be a Benedictine monastery which sent monks to evangelise Poland. The Pope has visited the Church and a plaque has been placed at the rear of the Church commemorating this evangelisation. But now only very few Masses take place in the Church.

Importance of Catholic Churches

The Dedication of the Temple of the Church which explains the role and importance of Catholic Churches.

Today's Feast


Today is the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple. She is always shown ascending a long staircase to be accepted by the High Priest.


Flower tables instead of Altars of God. Two more desecrated altars from the flower show in the Belgian National Basilica to the Sacred Heart.

St Joseph's Home

A botched closing. The Diocese is presently raising 32 million dollars. Why can't they give St Joseph's Home some of this money to ensure that the poor will still be the welcome guests of the Order of St Francis? They have no sense of real Catholic priorities.

St Anne's Church, Waterbury

Group fights to save Church but will Diocese approve?

"We're never, never going to build another building like that," said Fern Verriker, who chairs the new Friends of St. Anne's Church. "Why can't we try to keep it alive?"