Saturday, November 20, 2004

Archdiocese of Boston

More churches may be closed - the truth finally comes out:

"Clearly, it is not reasonable to expect that the final configuration of this process will not change over time." Chancellor of the Diocese.

They have lost 8 million dollars a year in the appeal. Then by closing churches ensure that the old levels of donation will never return. But this 8 million would go a long way to covering their 10 million deficit. And my bet is that the Council will not give the planning permissions to their old properties required to raise the 28 million expected.

"And a turbulent stock market has left the archdiocese with an unfunded pension liability of $80". It would be useful to know over how many years and what is the projected spending on pensions per year. How have they become so exposed to stocks?

This is outrageous and all the laity of Boston and the whole world should be up in arms.

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