Sunday, October 17, 2004

Saving grace?

but the Faithful are not convinced.

And what is this?- "a public relations firm hired by the church". Who are they, when were they hired, for how long, by who, on what basis, with what terms of reference and for how much money? The Faithful should be told.

Boston Herald

A great quote.

"Don't tell me it's only a building,'' said Ann DiFeo, a lifelong parishioner who has been sleeping on an Aero Bed at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. "It's blood. It's feelings. It's community. . . . I think if we keep doing this, it'll have a snowball effect, and the archdiocese will have no choice but to listen.''

Mary Queen of All Hearts


This picture was originally published by the Montfort Fathers' House in Liverpool. It is possible to belong to the Confraternity of Mary Queen of All Hearts. Please ask her intercession for the people and Church in Liverpool.

Liverpool Area Catholic Churches

Some wonderful photographs.

Here is the list of the parishes closed by the "pastoral" reorganisation and before of the Diocese. If anyone knows of any other Churches closed in Liverpool, let me know.

Holy Cross, Great Crosshall Street, L3 (Parish closed 2001, church now demolished)

St Alban's, Athol Street, L5 (Parish closed 1991)

St Alphonsus, Great Mersey Street, L5 (Parish closed 2001, church now demolished)

St Augustine's, Great Howard Street, L3 (Parish closed 1976, church now demolished)

St Joseph's, Grosvenor Street, Liverpool, L3 (Parish closed 2001, church now demolished)

St Mary of Angels (The Friary), Fox St, L5 (Parish closed 2001)

St Mary's, Highfield St, L3 (Parish closed 2000, church now demolished)

St Peter's, Seel Street, L1 (Parish closed 1978)

St Philip Neri, Catherine Street, L8 (Parish closed 2001- now University Chapel)

Today is


the Feast of St Margaret Mary Alacoque. She is pictured with Blessed Claude de la Colombiere.

She was a chief exponent of the devotion to the Sacred Heart.

Boston annoucement

But it's not because their listening....much more to do with politics.

You can explain it away in Rome if you have two churches occupied but not if you have dozens of churches occupied.

Notre Dame, Springfield

The group envisions using it as a community arts center that offers studios, workshops and exhibition space.

Only sadness here, no art.

Parishes wary of intentions

No comfort whatsoever from the Archdiocese

"I think they are understanding that there's a freight train of vigils beginning....they would desperately like to stop the freight train. The train has left the station.''

PS. What has happened to Kathleen Heck? Is she still on the payroll of the Archdiocese?

Archbishop announces two parish closings postponed

but the death sentences for the parishes remain.

The move is a public relations effort aimed at staving off more sit-ins at closing parishes.