Saturday, October 09, 2004

European Catholic Bishops meet

to discuss priorities

"Migration was another concern of the bishops, with many of them concerned about the need to provide adequate pastoral care. Archbishop Patrick Kelly of Liverpool stressed that, particularly for migrants, the Church is their true home. "

So why is he closing so many Churches in Liverpool? He talks like this while making his own flocks, including many migrants, homeless.

For the last forty years

the Catholic Church has been obsessed with justice and peace. But they have neither in the Church in Boston. How could they have with the way that the Archdiocese behaves?

"As a result, some here who have supported, however reluctantly, the archdiocese's decision to merge their four parishes St. Ann, St. Peter and Sacred Heart in Gloucester and St. Joachim in Rockport into the new Holy Family Parish on Jan. 8 are now questioning their decision to follow the archdiocese's plan."

Our Lady of Presentation School

The best way of keeping a Catholic school going is to enrol your children there, and the best way of keeping a Catholic Church open is to ensure that you fulfil your Sunday obligation- every week.

As we see from this article also, protest works! The parishes that took the closures by lying down are now regretting it.

Poor Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel

They announce this review and then the Church is being closed tomorrow.