Friday, October 08, 2004

Sisters of Notre Dame

This is what Sister Eisner's congregation used to stand for.

Sister Eisner


A Catholic nun

presides over a college which claims in its "Mission and Vision" statement to shaped by strong ethical values and a Catholic academic tradition. Leaving aside that the "strong ethical values" do not, at least in this statement to derive from Catholic moral teaching, lets examine the claims to Catholicism.

Looking at the undergraduate courses offered; there are eighteen secular courses that could be offered by any university. There is a religious studies course but of the seventeen units, only three are specifically Catholic. Of the nine philosophy units, only one has overt Catholic content.

She will be one of the Chairman of the Boston Committee for External Review (excuse me if I called it a Panel earlier).

You would not know from her dress that Sister Eisner is a Catholic nun. I leave it to readers to decide whether she has a sufficiently Catholic point of view to be deciding the fate of Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Boston. Does she for instance affirm, together with her university, Ex Corde Ecclesia.

The rise and fall of Kathleen Heck

She's still around but left tending the grass

How much is she paid for this? While she has been rising and falling, Churches have been closing.

St. James Catholic Church

Some hope in a sad tale of the demise of a Catholic Church in 2000, at the hands of the Diocese of Omaha.

"Catholic Church was closed, auctioned off, and burned to the ground a few years ago"

Monsignor Dennis Sheehan

No stranger to controversy. Please note this blog emphatically does not endorse the views of the website where this link leads.


This is the company of Donna Gittens, who is a member of the panel appointed by Archbishop O'Malley. Their principal clients, the Democratic National Convention and more importantly Blue Cross Blue Shield. She is therefore not financially independent of the Chairman of the panel and should either resign the client or the panel. Her vote maybe independent but it cannot be seen to be independent.

Institute of Christ the King

Four Churches that have not been sold but restored.

Archdiocese of St Louis

Historic, national parishes puts them on the top of any diocesan hit list.

Totally unjust

..not to review the parish closings that have already taken place.

"If this doesn't include a review of those parishes that have already been closed then the process has no value whatsoever,"

The panel should not even start its work until the remit is extended, as it will only be greeted with suspicion. In these circumstances, helping the work of the panel only facilitates more Church closures. Extend the remit and then the talking can begin!

St Bernadette's School in Jakarta

Java Muslim militants force closure of Catholic school

"....accuse Catholics of proselytising because they have been using the school's sport hall as a makeshift church for the past ten years. Catholics argue they had no choice because they have been consistently denied permission to build a new church."

My house shall be a house of prayer

....but they want to turn it into a "potential senior center, teen center, or recreational department":

Archdiocese of Chicago

Causes jitters at St Columba's Church

St Columba, pray for us!

The Boston Panel

More background news on its members