Saturday, October 02, 2004

Time to take a stand

Kerry is just a symptom of the "two truths" version of Catholicism all too prevalent in the modern Church. It simply is not good enough to hold one truth when you are praying in Church and another truth to the outside world. This used to be a protestant problem now its a Catholic one as well.

Now let's have an academic discussion

Mr Smith's advice is to focus on faith and not buildings. But, as he is well aware, the centre of the Catholic Faith is the abiding presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle of each and every Church. Taking advice from ex-Catholics is not to be recommended!

Meanwhile in Nebraska

5.2 million dollars being spent on a new Church of St Isidore. One of the reasons given, fewer priests!

Closure of St Jerome's Church Boston

Reactions - Arlington Advocate - Local News

So much for the pastoral care of the Archdiocese.

"After Fratic stepped down from his position, no one from the Archdiocese of Boston contacted the parish to find a new priest to serve the congregation, according to Akins. There was no contact at all for more than four months, he said. "We didn't even get a phone call from the archdiocese," said Akins. "

St Jerome, pray for us!

His Feast Day 30 September could not be celebrated this year at St Jerome's Church because the Church had been closed the previous Sunday.

Fr Kelly says "The mission Jesus Christ has given to the parish of Saint Jerome has reached completion," rather, "has been denied to it by the Archdiocese of Boston".

The shepherds are selling off the sheep-pens and certainly not worrying about lost sheep.