Friday, September 24, 2004

Our Lady of Ransom

Today is her Feast.

May she pray for the conversion of England!

Soon set for bad choice

Is an anagram of Archdiocese of Boston!

The Mass -Old and New

Thoughtful article by Leo Darroch

"I think it is true to say, for many of us, that we do not fully appreciate our parents until after they have gone. When they are with us we take them for granted because they have always been there, reliable and seemingly with an air of surety and permanence. But when they have gone we are left with a huge hole in our lives that for the rest of our days is never adequately filled."

The same can be said for Church closures. But while humans are mortal, there is no reason why Churches and the Latin Mass should not continue. If you see the great victories won by Catholicism, nothing should be considered inevitable as the closers of Churches maintain.


Another very useful article by Duane Galles of the St Joseph's Foundation. See earlier posts.

Church closures

show no respect for the living or for the dead

Never forget in prayer all those who brought time, money and expertise to parishes, now all being wasted by this wretched closure programme.

Archbishop O'Malley 2003

I ask you, and plead with you: Repair my church'' citing the words of Our Lord to St Francis of Assisi.

Our Lord did not say to St Francis, "Close my Churches" but this is exactly what his Archdiocese is doing. The Archbishop must have a different translation!

The Iceman closeth

Catholic Churches

And the farewell comment from Father Coyne:

'Nobody from the archdiocese is going into a situation in a large meeting with a lot of emotion that will turn into a shouting match,' Coyne said.'

Is Kathleen Heck also considering her position?

If you don't listen people shout and if you still don't listen they shout louder.

Catholic Sale of the Century

The vultures circle....

My houses shall be called houses of prayer but the planners want to make them "open space, community centers and affordable housing".

My houses shall be called houses of prayer but the property developers want to make them luxury flats.

The Archdiocese just wants to sell and doesn't mind whether the Churches are used for social or economic purposes.

The article claims St. Francis Xavier Cabrini parish in Scituate has little historic value. But the real and everlasting value of this parish is in the redemption of souls. And how can a Church dedicated to a patron saint of immigrants and also to the first US citizen to be canonised be treated with such contempt.

Shame on the planners, shame on the developers, shame on the Archdiocese.


Father Coyne stepping down as Archbishop O'Malley's spokesman.