Thursday, September 23, 2004

Leuven/ Louvain - Predikherenkerk -Dominican Church

My house shall be called a house of prayer ....but you have made it into an "exhibit space for the Cultural Center of Leuven".

Pastor of Immaculate Conception, Boston steps down

The whole process of picking one Church against another can only lead to public scandal. The only part of the process that is transparent

St Anselm's Church, Boston shows solidarity

which the Archdiocese should immitate but won't

Excellent day to start the vigil: Feast of the Holy Name of Mary- 12 September.

See posts around 12 September.

Archbishop visits St Francis Xavier, Boston

and collects 20,000 dollars

"The patient, kind and charitable approach stated by Rev. Christopher Coyne was nowhere in sight as the archbishop declined to process from the church and was instead escorted from the sanctuary to a waiting car ready to take him to the airport."