Monday, September 20, 2004

Campaign to Save St Jeanne d'Arc Church

And what a surprise- its pass the buck time

"The Rev. Christopher Coyne, a spokesman for Bishop Sean O'Malley on the church closings, declined to comment on Jeanne d'Arc. He referred inquiries to another spokesman, Kathleen Heck. Heck could not be reached for comment."

And where does the buck stop in this botched closure programme?

Wisconsin priests urging Catholic church to ok optional celibacy

Optional celibacy=optional priesthood=optional Catholicism

If the Catholic Church follows the way paved by the Anglicans, we will end up in a big dead end which will take years to pull back from.

Not a solution.

The Banana of the Diocese of Linz

Begins to get famous

See earlier post. The author comments

"instead of God's Power and Wisdom, a banana"

This is the link to the recruitment campaign to get people to consider a vocation. The same campaign that distributes bananas. Many people wondered when it was launched last year, how does a parish priest find enough time to be a glider pilot.

St Alphonsus Ligouri took a vow one day in religious life never to waste any time, lest souls should be lost. How many souls can you save alone in a glider cockpit? The message that these people give is that Catholicism is about pleasing yourself, rather than pleasing God. Entry into an authentic religious life requires sacrifice of self and putting much of your past careers and interests behind you.

The St. Joseph Foundation

A very interesting article on Canon Law

"The renovation of parish churches and the suppression of parishes have caused widespread and needless anguish among the faithful in North America. In the great majority of cases, parishioners have witnessed drastic steps being taken without their opinions even being sought, much less considered. "

A landmark case

"Fight to save Harlem's St. Thomas Church needs some allies"

St Peter's Church, Malden, Boston

Mourning a church that was a home

"My grandparents were never rich, but everything they had, they gave to this church.'"

The Inn at the End of the World

Comments about Cathcon from this esteemed blog

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Only for the Stout-hearted

I mean this blog: Catholic Church Conservation. This blog's author chronicles the continuing destruction of the Catholic architectural heritage which the hapless bench has decreed in this country. But don't visit without a stiff drink. It's heart-rending stuff.

I've mentioned this blog before but it seemed it wasn't being updated. Oops. It is [Every day-Cathcon]. But one needs to scroll down to find the most recent posts. The oldest are at the top[I think the newest are at the top-Cathcon]. Do scroll down; it's a chronicle that should be preserved for our Catholic posterity, if any. Amazing priorities exhibited here. I would have kept the churches and sold off the bishops. [Sell the bureaucrats, the pseudo-clericalised laity elite and their offices first-Cathcon]

I am going to be storing off-line and printed form as much of the material as possible for precisely this reason.

Reconfiguration is a beginning

According to Kathleen Heck

Fear of church closings hampers fund raising

You can't fundraise and close Churches at the same time.