Sunday, August 29, 2004

'Community will have its heart ripped out', Widnes, UK

Diocese in unholy haste to close Holy Family Social Club.

Scranton Diocese not planning any more Church closures

for the time being.

St John Baptist Church gets advised of closure just two days ahead of the Feast of John Baptist (which would be today, if today was not a Sunday).

Monsignor Tressler said. "You know, I wasn't ordained to do this."

Latin at last

The Catholic rite that refuses to die.

'We get a lot of young familes with small children'

'Younger people really cherish the Gregorian chant. Even if they never grew up with the old Mass, they find it very inspiring."

New Latin

The language that will not die.

Latin Mass not allowed in many Churches

...but no problem if you want to put on a play attacking Church teaching.