Thursday, August 26, 2004

Archdiocese of Philadelphia

If St Joan of Arc had taken this attitude, what would France and Paris be today?

Ceremony recalls Paris liberation

Thanks be to God and Our Lady of Paris

St Louis, St Joan of Arc, St Clovis and
All Saints of France pray for us!

From the Scottie Press Guestbook

Kay Kelly leads the fight to save St Mary of the Angels from closure. A very great woman!

Kay's comments: There is a need for people to look into how important a role culture has to play in the regeneration of cities. There is an opinion that culture should be at the heart of regeneration and for the views of people to be consulted. It is my opinion that if we allow the culture associated with St Mary of Angels (Friary) church Fox Street, Liverpool 3 to be forgotten then the regeneration of this area of Liverpool will be forever incomplete. I do worry that in years to come future generations will look back and wonder why such a big mistake was allowed to happen. This is why I will continue to fight and campaign for St Mary of the Angels (Friary) church and why I hope that people who share my opinion will support my efforts. KAY KELLY "

New convent being built

and the sisters are still working as nurses.

Thank you Mrs Heck

for your entirely inappropriate words, delivered in the parking lot.

"Pain they were feeling would be a source of strength in their new parishes"

Why isn't a priest doing Mrs Heck's job?

St Louis of France

Final Mass

More on the Church of St Louis of France

The Diocese have now changed their mind. The closure won't take place at the end of the year but on the 1 September.

The last Mass was celebrated last Sunday, shamefully just a few days before the Feast of St Louis of France (see below).

How does the Archbishop of Boston think

that the closure of this wonderful Church is going to assist the mission of the Church.

but the laity are going to fight all the way. At least, they won't betray their great inheritance.