Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Mass

As it should be; the most beautiful thing, this side of Heaven.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

Peering inside the bureaucracy... and what a surprise the only office not to have a head is the "Development Office".

By the way, just in case you need to contact her:

Kathleen Heck or at 617-746-5758

St. Bernard Parish - Newton Massachusetts

A parish gets organised

Heck's Q & A on Church Closings

A paid consultant speaks out

"So that it never has to happen again." Once a Diocese or a Bishop do one round of church closings, they will be up for more.

How much does Ms Heck get paid to shield the hierarchy of the Archdiocese from the same awkward questions?

More on Heck

Gives a new meaning to the phrase, "a heck of a job" - a facilitation of some unnecessary bureaucratic action.

It even says that her minor in art history gives her an appreciation of the beauty of archdiocesan churches.


A call to mission, no, to contemplative life, no, to serve the poor, no but

"she felt called to serve the Church by becoming a part of the reconfiguration process."

Who by? The Holy Spirit?


"one of the most important things I ever have done".

Why write satire; the Archdiocese writes it everyday. Boycott Heck.

See the bureaucrats at work in Boston

They call themselves "The Central Committee for Reconfiguration. I thought only the Communist Party had a Central Committee; come to think of it they didn't like Church buildings either.

PS They could start by selling the Board Room table; who do they think they are?

Mass marks closure of Seminary College

Boston also closing Seminary's College of Liberal Arts "But times change and the Church will go on". Another in a long line of excuses which Bostonians will be familiar with (and hopefully others thanks to this blog).

More scenes from the French revolution

Démolition of the Church of St Bartholomew

(Today, incidentally is the Feast of St Bartholomew.

The Demolition of the Church of the Feuillants

The French Revolution managed to destroy the Feuillants.

Pillage of a Church. The objects stolen here were no more likely to be returned than the donations of the faithful to the closed and closing Churches of today. Justice demands that donations of religious artefacts are returned to the donors before closure.

St. Philip Neri Church, Franklin, Pittsburg

Catholic Church torn down.

"At one time, St. Philip Neri Catholic Church was the center of life in Franklin."

"When we bought the old rectory 17 years ago, they just threw in the church with it."

Demolition of the Church of Saint-Jean-en-Greve

This is what French revolutionaries did to Churches. Now the Bishops are doing it.