Monday, August 23, 2004

NPR reports

NPR %3A Closing a Small, Old and Beloved Church

Apostasy on the march

How long before your Catholic Church becomes a multifaith shrine?

How's this for a sense of priorities?

A legacy of 500,000 pounds to the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton in 2003 has been donated in its entirety by Bishop Kieran Conry to the Lady Margaret Beaufort Institute in Cambridge, a Catholic foundation educating twenty women in theology and forming them for lay ministry in contemporary society.

Diocesan Clergy voiced their deep distress at a meeting of Priests attended by the Bishop earlier this year.

A warning to those who leave their money to the Church; be very careful on the terms of your will or your will end up training the feminist theologians who have just been condemned by the Vatican and Churches will just keep closing.


...from everyone but the Parish Priest, who cancelled the Parish Picnic.

Woman pretends to be Jesus on the Cross

during preparations for WYD in Berlin 2004

Diocese goes fund raising

but when it suits a Diocese, God's dwelling places on earth aren't the property of the Diocese anymore but belong to the people.

"People are generous when they see a need," he said. "I'm telling them, 'When your house is broken you fix it - this is your house."'

Archbishop O'Malley in Rome

Audience with Pope

Diocese of Fall River

Copies Archdiocese of Boston and starts new round of Church closures. But under whose charge was the Diocese of Fall River during the last round of closures?. None other than the then Bishop O'Malley.

"He was praised when he conducted a previous church closure process on a case-by-case basis in this diocese. "

So it looks as if he was appointed to Boston not because of his gifts for healing but because of his skills in Church closing.

Somber parishioners attend the final Mass at St. Teresa

Bishop closes Church under the patronage of the Little Flower.

Lutherans buy Catholic Church

....and will turn it into a parking lot.

The desecration begins in New York

...and the Archdiocese displays its normal levels of competence by failing to get a permit.

Bishop insults faithful parishioners

by accusing them of idolatory.

This is a very serious charge to make against Catholics and the Bishop should withdraw this comment immediately.

"This church is important and now the archbishop is making a decision but one should never put a church building in the place of God and that is what we're doing."

As long as the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the tabernacle, a Church is the dwelling place of God on earth.


We were to celebrate its centennial in the year 2005. Instead we our mourning Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s demise.

The parishioners appealed Archbishop O’Malley’s decision but he refused to listen.

We thought that our new leader had come to heal instead he brought much pain and sadness to wonderful parishioners.

Bishop Lennon came to speak to us after several telephone calls and letters.

His arrogance was beyond words.

Bishop Lennon said that the Church was only a building.
We had a beautiful statue of Padre Pio purchased in Italy all white marble. We also purchased a marble altar and new lighting to the tune of 150,000 dollars. It was placed across the road from the Church; the Bishop said we can move it somewhere else. He had all the wrong answers. The last fifteen minutes he knew the parishioners were so angry. He said that the decree had not been signed by the Archbishop. For two weeks, we had hope but deep inside, we knew that Bishop Lennon not the Archbishop was making the decision. He did not have the courtesy to call us to acknowledge a terrific proposal we gave him.

The parishioners paid for everything; now it belongs to the Archdiocese.

The Archdiocese was not sensitive to our needs. The parishioners feel that the Archdiocese seeks to shut down the parishes and sieze the assets.

Could this be a sin against the Seventh Commandment?

[Cathcon note: to quote the Catechism of the Catholic Church
“This commandment commands justice and charity in the care of earthly goods and the fruits of men's labour”.]

God’s messages used to be delivered by angels, but the Archdiocese of Boston sends notices of closure by FedEx.

The Archbishop of Boston has ruined our community.

We are extremely displeased that the hierarchy of the Archdiocese failed to look for ways to revive the Churches and instead settled on terminating 82 of them. We express our objection and question the Archbishop’s decision.

Why did you choose our beautiful Church?

We tried so hard to keep our Church opened, but no matter what was addressed, you never please the Archdiocese who wants to close your Church.

The very sad parishioners of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in East Boston, Mass.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that you will publish this on your interesting website.

God bless you.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel, East Boston

An open letter to the Archbishop.

Fargo Diocese- far more closures than expected

21 percent of parishes to be closed: "While no surprise Aquila's announcement Saturday included far more closures than the five parishes announced as consolidation targets last month"